Taking the Mystery out of Mystery Babylon.

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The good news is, it’s not America. There is, however, similarities one that points to the greatest of mysteries. Which is, why after Christ completes HIS work on the cross is the priesthood still in existence? It’s sole purpose was only to point to the Messiah, the FINAL sacrifice. The role of the priest was officially closed in 70 A.D. by what has become G-d’s pet…He originally said he would make the Son of G-d his pet, that goes back to what he was covering up in Egypt using G-d’s people as slaves.

When discussing Mystery Babylon, keep in mind the original. Place it in context to the subject. It was the first kingdom after the flood of Noah. Just like America was close to G-d at its beginning so was this city.

Both America and Babylon were built according to the will of G-d for a salvation purpose. G-d does it all in order to restore mankind back to himself. The earth was cursed for the sake of who? US or should I play on the words of the last day empire U.S. First empire was Babylon the last empire to fall like Babylon is US America.

Babylon at its beginning had no name until after the tower is built in Genesis 11:4. Until then, the language of the earth was all one. The city was nameless. So we can say it was a great city-like America once was a great nation.

In Genesis ten, we are given the genealogies of Noah’s descendants and told they united together by their tongue Genesis 10:5. This gathering found at 10:5 under different tongues has to come after Genesis 11.

Keep in mind NOAH was a lesson taught. G-d would not tolerate the mixing of the angelic hosts with mankind. After the flood, it was like establishing America it was a new beginning. Mankind began to honor G-d, and the story was handed down from father to son. Mankind was on their good behavior, no doubt for centuries they were making pilgrimages to the ark and telling the story of the great flood.

It was a group of wicked people who decided to build a tower to heaven to make a name for themselves that it becomes the city of Babel. The priesthood began to blossom using fear and intimidation that G-d would punish them if they could not appease him. The fallen angels inspired men to worship them as false gods. In the same way demon spirits behave today, with deceitful ideas spoken through ignorant men.

Nimrod was a mighty hunter before the Lord. Calling somebody Nimrod today is still a derogatory reference, like all muscle no brains. He was arrogant and a bully, but the beginning of his kingdom was Babel’s Genesis 10:10. Had the devil not interfered with G-d’s word from the beginning and left the possessive pronoun intact, it could have saved Jesus and I a lot of trouble. Babel is just Abel with a B. First kingdom last kingdom, glory to the true and noble G-d whom I call Jesus. It all goes back to the word he refuses to offer Abel RESPECT concerning the offering. He has him killed because Abel pleased G-d and drew HIM out. He understood what G-d was looking for just like me.

We know the new Jerusalem is descending from above. What were they trying to reach in building the tower? Think about it… They had generations making pilgrimages to where the ark rested no doubt the highest mountain in the area, it never brought them closer to the moon or the stars, yet this group of Nimrod’s tried to reach heaven??? Was heaven exposed to them? Is there any truth in any of the Greek Myths of a city in the clouds called Olympus? The devil distorts truth confusion helps him to hide it. It is G-d who confused the languages. It is Satan who confuses truth; that is why there is a Bible to reference. If you have never seen the connection to the language of China and the creation account of the Bible and its links to Babylon, you would be blessed to do so. Take the time to watch it. It is impressive.

Time passes and people forget what happens, truth gets distorted. There is a generation today being told the inquisition never happened or the killing of six million Jews by Nazi’s never occurred. There are people who swear the Moon landing was a staged event. Stories get distorted and confused over time. Moses writes thousands of years after the flood revealing the great city of Babel with its hanging gardens, which was for them the modern world. Like America the children played in the streets without fear of harm because people had a respectful fear of G-d unlike the priesthood of today whom are building their own destruction.


The initial five books as revealed to Moses by G-d is when we first encounter the stories. It is all we have to go by for accuracy. I trust Moses’s rendition of the story over the one written by Gilgamesh because I know the story-teller who is G-d, HE is talking to Moses, and HE is truthful. Gilgamesh was an early translator of the flood it is he whom embellished. It is again having no fear of G-d like many of our translators today saying it is the word of G-d when it is not.

Why do we trust Moses? Is it because of the signs done in Egypt? Signs actually reveal whom G-d communicates with. As great as Moses was he did not know what they had been covering up in Egypt or why. G-d was saving the best for last for harvest.

The Son of G-d is revealed to us all both men and angels at the birth of Jesus. G-d the Father and G-d the Son are one in the same, and that it takes a woman to bring forth a child. There is something very technical about the whole process, but the Son of G-d revealed required the existence of man. Take notes you theologians.

Side by side the little holes and larger holes add up to 55 x the two larger circles for 110 Psalm 110:1-2 The pattern is that of a chainsaw blade the ripping of G-d in two.

Side by side the little holes and larger holes add up to 55 x the two larger circles for 110.  Psalm 110:1-2 The pattern is that of a chainsaw blade the ripping of G-d in two.

So G-d is talking to who when he says, “Let us go down and confound their language.”? G-d has many sons and daughters you included if you are in Christ. Until Jesus took HIS seat at the right hand of HIS FATHER, whom HE is while here. The Father and HE is one. Until Jesus cries out… Father why have you forsaken me? G-d’s spirit departs leaving Christ to atone for our sins.

Everything from the Exodus until this moment was to point to the moment at the cross. Everything from the cross, until now, has been to expose Satan. Dress him and show you the kind of creature he is. He mocks god and laughs at man while he steals their eternal souls.

The only thing that could satisfy G-d’s hate of rebellion, and sin were to take HIS anger out on HIS only Son. He began the creation because of the Son. Jesus made it very clear if you have seen HIM; you saw the Father. HE and the Father are the same. It is at the cross the Son and Father divide. It’s at the cross division occurs, and the angels see the visible image of the invisible G-d. G-d most high the Son, this was not what the angels had expected to happen to their beloved G-d. Man is a menace, and the angels are not going to allow the kingdom to ever challenge the Son’s position again.

If you were they and viewed that scourging of Christ after asking to see the Son would you question the necessity for the Son of G-d needing a covering a protector an enforcer?, How would you separate out those who offend from those who don’t? Is G-d possibly talking with Abel? Which would be the first-born of men among the angels and a picture of G-d’s promise. When HE says, let us go down and confound their language could HE be talking to Abel? To the angels; Abel would be as a promise of the Son to come? Is the first white horse which brings peace as Abel may have been in heaven, a picture of the long-awaited promise of G-d setting up HIS kingdom here on earth?

The first shall be last, Babylon became a city of depravity and irrational stories distorted by those who could not care less about truth. That’s how we get a twisted Gilgamesh. Men who are not in tune with the living G-d will be in tune with another. Any other god is one who hates the true G-d. Everything G-d is doing is to drive us all to the truth about the need to Honor and worship HIS only-begotten Son, whom HE was while here.

Darkness blinds the eyes of the people from seeing the truth light comes to open our eyes. Men love darkness because it hides their evil works. The enemy did not have a TiVo in the day.

Darkness blinds the eyes of the people from seeing the truth light comes to open our eyes. Men love darkness because it hides their evil works. The enemy did not have a TiVo in the day. This is his entertainment.

Jesus called Abel righteous, for that to be at all true Abel has to come through the blood. We know that Abel is not originally in heaven because he died under the curse of his father. Abel had no bosom to go into having proceeded his father in death. Adam was for a very long time G-d’s best friend so his son’s death would have been heavy on HIS heart. Knowing one day his son would also die. A theme throughout scripture is the first shall be last. Enoch talks about Abel making suit to G-d in the book of watchers whom Jude quotes from. Here we learn there is a terrible evil in chains that will be set loose in the last days.

What could be more evil than to permit the Papal system to place Obama in the White House? Which allowed the new Nazi regime ISIS to arise. All while trying to bring in their false prophecy made by a counterfeit prophet, they created. The money they stole throughout the centuries with their deceitful priesthood made this all happen.


Babylon like America was destroyed by the priesthood who used fear and intimidation to promote slavery that protected them and the kings they placed in power. It is time to leave the wicked to destroy the evil priesthood. Praise G-d for Islam I can use them to bring many more to Christ.

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