The Crossing

I noticed that ABC’s new series was canceled after only one season. It just so happens I attend a Church that goes by the very same name, I’m sure it’s just one of those weird coincidences that keep propping up in my life.

The premise of the show was that people from the future came to warn those in the past of the coming dangers to their society by people who are intent on making hybrid humans into war machines. I hate war and I despise violence and as long as it remains a profit producer for those who invest in it, it will never go away.

Not until Jesus returns and closes it all down which is soon and very soon.

Until then G-d is leaving it all up to us to decide what kind of world we want to live in.   One built on the teachings based on the SON or the ones that are not.

A revival nearly broke out at my Crossing about nine years ago in Salem NH a name known to mean peace, but I was informed by the minister that he did not want the lamps G-d was sending his way.

The image below is a picture of G-d’s light entering into the earth visible are sixty circles the ones framed with smaller circles are counted only once those that are not lead us somewhere else. These lights are from both the past and the future and have seen it all.  That is how we got our Bible.  The center can be made into the star of David it is sometimes a bonus find of twelve more points.

Keep in mind friends G-d did not start this game but he will finish it a winner.

Psalm 60:1-12 tells us where the Jewish people will be safe in the tribulation. The tribulation is the final conflict between good and evil before the LORD sets foot riding outside the white horse of revelation.  Presently HE is riding inside a white horse that needs a bit and bridle and that is because of the overwhelming traitors he keeps running into.

There are fourteen circles not surrounded by others and these lights are for those people.   We who live in the kingdom refer to these as mercy or grace.

Psalm 14:1-7

Let’s go with the bonus 12 added to 60 for Psalm 72:1-20

Added to 14 is Psalm 26:1-12  verses 4 and 5 bind my hands as I see so many embracing the harlot and rejecting the word.

Nine years ago all I did was open the peephole on the door at the Crossing the minister was banging on. I was on the inside to ask what it was he wanted?  G-d told me too.   Unfortunately, it wasn’t the truth he was seeking. No one should answer a matter before hearing both sides of it.   What if Solomon only heard one side of the story that he was made famous for?

He would not have been so wise and the Baby would not have been restored to the woman who loved him the most. Don’t you want to be with the Father who loves you the most?

There is no one wiser than Solomon??? Let me introduce you to King Jesus!

Where HE leads I will follow.

Brother Abel




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