The difference between Jesus and I

He was skinny; I am fat.
He wore a shawl; I wear a hat.
He had sandals; I have shoes.
He died on the cross so that I wouldn’t lose.
That is where the difference ends.
Now I’ll show you why we’re friends.
He loves children, so do I.
He wept once,  I always cry.
He loves HIS Father; I Love HIM.
Because of them,  I’m cleansed of sin.
He had many gifts; I have few.
The ones I have will have to do.
He said to me; He is on HIS way.
I hope you listen; I hope you pray.
These are the hours these are the days.
The Royal Priesthood has God’s plan.
It’s in the Bible it’s in their hand.
The kings of today seek to take away land.
Father say’s His Son’s bride needs a wedding rehearsal let’s strike up the band!
Let’s show them,  Jesus,  Lets’s show them God’s plan.
Let’s show Haman what his god has done.
Then watch them fall on their knees,  wanting to come.
Washed in the blood, cleansed of their sin.
Jesus and I,  we stand to win.

Abe L. set the slaves free!

Men say they made this overnight. Forgive them,  Father, they know not what they do. We could get them to do it again for us when the time comes, and this time instead of doing it for free we will pay them, and it must be exact to spec. If they fail, they will be left behind it is a matter of respect for the things of G-d. As the butterfly man (Christ) raises a human man out of the earth, he will point to who is doing the lifting and why. The evolutionists say we came from monkey’s so let’s play a barrel of monkey’s. Then when we are gone, they will stop monkeying around.

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