The enemy is revealing his fear and I will win.


Angel’s revealing his symbol in the battle.

Satan fears the truth because the truth sets people free. Recently, I noticed a new trend in the triangle / slash pyramid in the upside-down position. Good is made to look evil, Satan is making the inverted position synonymous with evil. I had first seen his obvious attack on my person in the movie “Oblivion” with our resident Scientologist “Tome Cruise” who is obviously drenched in “Thetans” In the move the Alien entity is an inverted pyramid named “Sally” opposed to what I refer to him as “Lucy.” However, the show stealer was a Bobble head named “Bob” whom I thought was a great supporting cast member is it any coincidence; we share the same name… I think not.

In the television series “Person of Interest”  the bad guys are targeted by the computer with an inverted pyramid.

Someone at work told me a recent episode of  “South Park” seemed to mock the very idea of the inverted pyramid when their main character discovered the food pyramid was upside down.  This is a show I find extremely offensive in language and ideals. Jesus is made a joke of  in as he is also in the “Simpson’s” Jesus is mocked, and we know G-d will not be mocked.   There is no doubt in my mind where these writers of these shows are heading as well as those who do the voices.  We will see whom has the last laugh. May G-d have mercy on their souls.

It’s nice to know I am on the right track when it comes to lifting Jesus “The Lion of the tribe of Judah.”

My own pastor said to me pyramids will confuse people. It is no doubt the darkness within him that desires to keep Satan’s dirty little secret leaving multitudes in bondage and left behind.   If I believed in reincarnation which I do not,  he could have been a positive task master to the slaves of Egypt.  He wants revival but not G-d’s revival a small one will be better than a big one, and still he would be happy as so many are.

Satan sacrifices a few begrudgingly to keep us happy while he takes the multitudes… We still have 1.2 to 1.4 billion idolators who stole America, who follow a blind regime of religious zealots who know not G-d and place stumbling blocks in the way of 1.4 – 1.6 billion Muslims  who will not come to Christ, including G-d’s Jews.

I believe that all spirits which rebelled against G-d in heaven were assigned bodies of flesh as in Genesis 6:3.  Including all those who joined in the “reindeer” games.  Jesus is the visible image of the invisible G-d the example to all of creation.  We may have been the ones who laughed and cheered the enemy on, in the construction of the Son’s effigy.  I believe all the actors are alive and not so well here on stage,  all that needs to be here is here,  with a cast of extras who are, the elect and cannot be deceived.  Can G-d do here on earth as it was in heaven? Can he remove our troublesome memories of the past as he will in the future?  Can a light bearer be carrying his essence as Lucifer once did in heaven? The human heart can only be changed when it surrenders at the cross. It’s time to decide for eternity, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.


Am I on the right track ? You tell me…

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He laughs at the lost.
In Scientology, a thetan is the term corresponding to one’s “spirit”, but unlike some other religions, the spirit or soul isn’t something that is different from you. You are the thetan, the awareness of awareness, and you wear a mind and a body. A body thetan is another thetan (spirit) who is attached to, on or near a body but is not in control. Body thetans are additional spirits who aren’t aware of their own spiritual nature. They are sometimes caused by an ancient incident caused by a galactic dictator named Xenu, as described by L. Ron Hubbard in a confidential auditing level called OT III. All human bodies were said by Hubbard to be infested by and covered in clusters of these thetans, but there are reasons other than the incidents mentioned in OT III for spirits attaching to one’s body or oneself.

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