The Family of “C” Street

Netflix has a 5 part series of a Christian organization whose influence has touched many nations it is billed as “An enigmatic Christian group known as The Family wields enormous influence in Washington, DC, in pursuit of its global ambitions.”

Meant to deter,  only encourages we are closer to the end.

I served in a Christian Film Festival for 20 plus years leading people to Jesus. We would take their names and addresses and find a Church or those who were present helping to send their minister to follow up on a house visit. What we never did was send them to a Catholic Church. Catholic’s would not participate in this wonderful informative ministry because we were in their eyes, and it has never changed,  heretical in our theology.

I have a vision for global film festivals and altar calls.

So I sit in a church who refuses to rise above the Papal office and cannot fathom the vision of God. This movie “The Family” brings it closer to home,  the enemy needs a peace plan, and a temple built we owe him that much. Look what he did for us in crucifying Christ I feel I owe him a thank you.

How is it that our currencies seem so prophetic? I believe THE FAMILY had something to do with it or maybe even the Mason’s who await the light bearer. Whom the Priesthood has demonized, and for the most part, they did it to themselves, allowing the lies about their purpose to take root.

On the aprons, the all-seeing eye was blocked from seeing what they were doing as it is on all their paraphernalia blocked by a compass or a bar and tassels,  it shows they are hiding something from him.  So he vilified them using his priesthood.  We trapped him in America, and he trapped me with an AG minister who wanted more than what he was given, by using human psychology, have you ever just tried talking?

What part of the one world leader one world order did he not grasp?

Speaking is a great gift I hear my Fathers voice come out of many great preachers who do not have me sitting in their church, God gave us these wonderful ears that allow us to distinguish sounds and when you get to know scripture, you can tell if its father or the enemy.  For one thing, Father would always rejoice in lifting HIS Son and the curse placed on the earth because of what sits in Egypt. He rejoices at opening the word to the world.  It is usually the preacher God chooses to start the revival.  But because you associated me with evil rather than good, you get what you deserve.

Did you know that King Solomon was tasked to build the First Temple?  He was given wisdom that once the enemy had and no longer has because God stripped it from him shortly after he thought he could be higher than the SON whom he was created to protect as the covering?

He corrupted his position wanting to be like the most high. My Jesus started in a manger angels asked to see God, and there HE was.  Now Christ is coming back, and he needs a temple built. Back in Solomon’s time, both kingdom’s assisted with its construction because he knows he will need it to declare himself God. So why is he delaying? Because he really, really, hates me.

Because I’m where Jesus would have been and I want to lift HIM up but not at the expense of a good preachers soul who is not “Born Again” or has taken the wrong road of Ecumenism. Come out from her, and if you do not know who she is,  you need to be “Born Again.” You need to ask God for forgiveness and repent. I am from the light born into the darkness to regain the light by divine guidance you were born into darkness and received the light. Jesus asked if darkness is in you how great is that darkness?

The enemy want’s me to bow to the Pope and or his ministers, and that will not happen because in this battle, I know who they represent and its not my Jesus.

Brother Abel


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