The final two witnesses, what’s that about?

“Am I, therefore, become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?”
Gal. 4:16

twowitnessesThe two witnesses must be two men who are known to the world to be a useful tool in the hands of G-d. The world does not know Enoch or Elijah so that it would have no meaning to them at all. So what would be the wisest thing for G-d to do to help win the lost left behind?

Everything Father does is to bring others to his Son and compromise with darkness does not do that. These men entertained or were entertained by darkness.   Besides how is Enoch and Elijah to get here?  We don’t have UFO’s we are spirit with coverings.  The bodies of Enoch and Elijah are being held in the kingdom of G-d,  millions of people instantly disappeared, and two nobodies’ appear claiming they know what happened and begin to preach. Highly unlikely that is what happens,  it is not wisdom.  It does not speak to the heart of the curious who didn’t believe but now do. People disappeared and Christian things left behind everywhere peaked some interest in their eternities.

There will be all sorts of those kinds of people running around ranting they know something, and it will probably be UFO’s because well to be honest millions of Catholic’s remained and it couldn’t possibly have been that resurrection-rapture thing,  they would have gone.  Mary would not have left them behind. Newsflash Mary has nothing to do with any of this that’s the big point. Take a look at the constellations to see where he placed the Virgin.  She interferes with Leo and Libra.

How are the witnesses getting here?  Are they taking different modes of transportation?  Do they like Star Trek magically materialize on the Jimmy Fallen Show? Then why not just do something like that before we left? First, it would look staged that it was the special effects guy at ILM (Industrial Light and Magic).  It would be sending two individuals who have no status in society to try and convict people of sin who rejected the message of the gospel,  after seeing wedding rehearsals,  after wedding rehearsal,  billboards promotional materials that all lifted up the name of Jesus, which these men were hindering to from the start.

These people the witnesses have been left with had been hearing the message for three years.  Churches were built bigger posters signs and unity everywhere,  no thanks to these two witnesses.  Not likely they are nobody’s; they have been seen with that man who gave Israel that peace plan. There are people in the darkness that will not be happy with that idea and of what I came to do.   Now these two guys are on board for revival. They should have been that way before they got picked.   Can’t say Babel didn’t try and reach them,   can’t say they weren’t given chances. Jealousy is what began this whole mess over the original covering wearing all sorts of precious gems.

Sending out the 144,000 money needs to be put away for them some people care about their brethren not these guys.

Sending out the 144,000 money needs to be put away for them some people care about their brethren, not these guys.

If I don’t chose them like the 144,000 then they wouldn’t get chosen. Finances need to be left for the 144, 000 no one is thinking about them.  We need the two witnesses it is a last attempt to show death is not the end that life is eternal.  These people left have know understanding of the horrors that await them in hell.  G-d had to have HIS Son finish his 3.5 years off in someone, hence the white horse with no arrows and the covering of gold., I am peaceful, but I have a fierce side.  It is a what we call in England a sticky wicket. I have to pick someone and why not the ones who stand in the way of progress and peace. The word opened brings peace they did not want the word opened the way G-d and I were doing it, it is evil to hide the word of G-d from anyone especially the way G-d was revealing it.

Still they did not bow to  G-d’s will.  Like those left in the world.  Both these men denied that G-d wanted to have a wedding rehearsal for his bride or win the Jews to Christ,  they opted to interfere thinking they were doing G-d a service which only condemned more men’s souls to hell in service to their masters the Roman Catholic Church.

When the man they knew was G-d’s man who wanted to reveal truth, Daniel 8:12 they plotted against him because it wasn’t the truth they knew or wanted.  These men are left with the wicked of the wicked.  The church will be gone; it means this is some form of punishment, that they have been left.

No one will take an interest in just two men whom have never been seen preaching G-d’s word. These two men have been by the side of the man meeting the dignitaries of the world. They have been videoed and photographed.  These men have to be made known long before we leave to be effective in soul winning,  right now they are not.  They had been transformed into ministers and agents of light but desired to hide the light.  A Catholic Jesuit influence no doubt was over them,  no these two wise guys who will never be wiser than Solomon were always seen in the presence of the man of peace. They at no time in his presence said a word; or did an interview,  they were hailed as deaf and dumb. An affliction set upon them by the LORD.

Now like a great healing has fallen upon them,  their lips begin to move as they sing like canaries the praises of Jesus while they denounce the man who praised Jesus. Why have they stayed and not gone with the others? The answer is in the message below it has a lot to do with jealousy for the anointing G-d gave another, who has always been a long time trusted friend. Whom G-d wanted to honor for his faithful commitment to loving the unlovable and willing to embrace the Antichrist because it meant Jesus is next, his Jesus, not theirs.

To start with jealousy is at the core the very reason this all began because of an anointed cherub / covering Father gave his Son. G-d gave another who has always been a long-time friend the lamps the enemy had once carried, and these men want it clueless to what is going on. They think they know things. These Men kept denying the value of G-d’s honor, missing the hour of their visitation and had no respect for the place G-d wanted for his friend.

These two witnesses did not respect authority even when it came peacefully. So they are left with another authority. G-d covered his mercy-seat the ARK of the covenant in Gold because that is where HE was. G-d covers the greatest truth with Gold to say, “hear ye him”. He is the new bringer of light, not Benny Hinn. Benny would not hand you any money period. Let alone a million dollars to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ and free you from your debts. Hinn is a charlatan proving not everyone is as elect as they think. The elect cannot be deceived. However, there are a lot of deluded people who believe that they are elect.   In the  1990’s  Hinn made several prophecies, and not one of them came to pass. I told both these men G-d wanted me to have the money to start the celebration and both denied it and tried to discourage me and do as the half-hearted had done to Lucifer in heaven turn me against my convictions, slow the call.

angelsinchained In the book of Enoch, we find angels held in chains for simply not coming at a designated time that they were supposed to. These two men could not discern good from the evil. They called the good evil and the evil good. So they will see the real evil and know what it was like for G-d’s friend whom he loves to be ignored, not listened to, not understood.

Besides, all the angels know these men like to watch war and violence rather than see silly crop circles at harvest time that point to scripture. They are defenders of the realm of darkness supporters of Rome. Supporting a dead priesthood, they held their ground, while I held mine.  Mine is much more stable its built on the word and I am in the word its built upon Daniel 8:23.  They support Rome until the man of the peace says to them, “TAG,” you’re it. You men will do nicely for Enoch and Elijah. The man of peace was tagged by G-d to stand in as the present stand in G-d of this world, who won the game for Jesus, so a man like this can make that kind of judgment call. No? Then tell me what I am supposed to do because obviously I don’t hear from G-d. 150 Psalms divide by 2  equals Psalm 75:2.  They need signs and wonders again, I am not Benny and I am unable to pull Jesus out of heaven into a wafer, but I do know where he is hanging these days. Where he placed his lamps from His Throne,  look for the one he gives the big pile of gold to it will tip you off.


A spiritual ring what significance could a ring have???

The enemy needs another body to rule here. He had one to build the effigy of the son and his very first incomplete pyramid as part of his New World Order. , we call him the antichrist. In all fairness Abel needs a body as well, his won’t be resurrected until the rapture like everyone else except for these two wise guys and the 144,000. Balance takes place. (see Proverbs 11:1) Enoch has a body and everyone gets one body, with one spirit, one chance, except for our enemy. He needs another body isn’t he so very special??? Who should G-d use? How about the first casualty of the war who can deal with a head injury, let’s see the enemy do as well. The first shall be last.  Now Abel whose life was taken because Santa Satan thought it was Abel who would crush his head, thanks to Jesus now he can.

Enoch and Elijah will body swap with these two men after being hated and rejected and treated as they treated Babel. A double anointing is split between the two men to warn the others. One of the men thought if he held out long enough that G-d’s honor was so cheap that the anointing would leave me and go to others. That is not how this works this time. It would be G-d robbing himself of HIS honor.  This is sort of like Elisha getting a double portion after Elijah was taken. The difference only one man is not worthy to hold these lamps by themselves. These men do everything together, so splitting makes the most sense. They have been Catholic stooges in Pentecostal frames so that a split would be best.

The man they supported and celebrated is now no longer the same man. They speak great words and give Jesus glory while tearing down and warning them of the one man who praised Jesus is not anymore the same man after the assassination. They, of course, will be ridiculed and mocked and berated for their witness. They do not honor Holy men of G-d, so they are made to hold the holiest men of G-d.

Their bodies will lay dead for three days are then be empowered by the true spirits of Enoch and Elijah. It will send a message that life is eternal, and death is not the end. They could not do the Gospel of Jesus’s justice or honor like Enoch and Elijah can. Their bodies will be used and will reveal that these men are entirely different people,  a new spirit has taken them over.

Again, it is an attempt at showing the lost that the body is just a vehicle for the spirit, and one must receive Jesus to obtain entrance into heaven. They must get a new spirit the Holy Spirit to live in a Holy place. This display of resurrection will send a clear message to the world. All those left behind will need to be martyred for Christ in the tribulation and denounce the man whom these two fellows hung out with. He will also definitely have another spirit. That went from lifting Jesus to denying Jesus the smarter ones will catch on and head for the gallows they built and allowed to be built.  Allah who has no son is now in charge.

Just as Abel needed another body to be here. These men will still have access to their bodies, and evil won’t taint theirs. It will truly be a cleansing experience. While my chariot will be no more, I have another waiting for me, thank you very much it’s a first edition classic. I certainly am not going to want this one back after scummy gets through with it.

One of the very reasons he builds an image of himself is because he will have to look in the mirror and see my pretty face staring right back at him. Knowing, it was the dumb Pollock that ruined everything! Well, he did say I would never amount to anything, and no one would ever love me, and I can’t do anything right. I guess I’m proving him right! Isn’t this how an Antichrist is supposed to behave? I’m worse than Huss, Luther or Tyndale combined. I know the priesthood ended because my Jesus ended it.

G-d will not be mocked!

G-d will not be mocked!

The word has many mysteries hidden within it when I found the truth about the Lion of the Tribe of Judah that it was HIM there in Egypt being covered in dirt in the time of Moses. It wasn’t hard to figure out the rest. I knew something was hiding; G-d has a little child run around the house looking for the little-hidden leaven that will leaven the whole lump before the Passover begins. I know G-d makes slaves of no one.

G-d turned America from an elite class ruling, above to “We The People”, turning Satan’s idea of how things should be upside down. G-d gave me a love for my country and HIM seeing my country betrayed from behind the pulpit sickens me. A man who likes to play politics can’t for the life of him understand why G-d wants to rob the Catholic’s and give to the Protestants who didn’t side with the Catholics be given that wealth. It has something to do with G-d desiring to be worshiped in spirit and in truth and the destruction of idols. A guaranteed witness that something bigger is going on.

The money goes to those who possess the greatest truth who carried the spirit well without compromise. 100% of them own a KJV Bible SURPRISE! It has something to do with the possession of truth in you and how well you carry it and honor it. To side with a whore makes you disgusting to G-d if you are not trying to win her to HIM without bowing to her.

When Islam is left with Rome they will then catch on; then these two men will lead Catholics to Jesus. Now is not their time they felt no urgency,  many feel we must as a body join forces and attack G-d’s instruments against the Catholics.   I say trust the man with the plan; these men said there is no plan.

They do not watch for the safety of the sheep and do not cry when the enemy approaches because many of them do not know who the enemy is any longer. They lost discernment, 20 million Christians seen the SaddleBack debates and the sale of America to the devil take place. The sale price was 700 billion dollars, was it only me who noticed? That would make me the only watchman who cared. While it is obvious, the others did not care at all or even notice.

Will G-d condemn me to hell after I gave warning after warning? What about these men who ignored and didn’t tell others and continued their political charade? Making us believe they cared, they rallied others to vote for a man whose religion teaches he is going to be a god someday. Not the best evidence that you love Jesus; it was your precious Rome, who forced that decision, and it dishonored G-d again.

solvedpyramidWill G-d condemn me to hell after revealing to HIS angels where HIS SON belongs? As for the ecumenical movement, I stand with Dave Hunt and call the anathema’s all back onto those who sent them out to begin with. The priesthood has no power or kingdom authority. If anything they are called least in the kingdom because they broke the greatest commandments and kept G-d’s Jews from knowing him.

When I saw, America was moving the wrong way. Turning upside down so that it was no longer we the people but the elite ruling over us (the big money and power). It dawned on me what G-d was revealing concerning HIS effigy done in front of HIS Holy Angels.

We have a National treasure HE is the Son of G-d Jesus, and I am HIS loyal lap dog, Babel. Who’s the pet now slick! I will be having them jump into the boat now and when it’s your turn. You were right slick; I can’t do anything right. I will never amount to anything, in your eyes.

Traitors surround us and protect the dragon on many levels the same man who thinks Bill Orielly has the holy spirit also said Pyramids would confuse you and that he felt the presence of G-d in a Catholic Liturgy. He used the Jesuit greeting with me; we don’t have to be agreed to walk as one. That would not be entirely accurate it was not so Biblical it went more like this “We do not have to agree on everything to be friend’s in Jesus.” How about G-d’s Son’s honor? Pastor, what’s that worth? G-d has a special anointing for him; he will give you mine after the signing of the peace plan. “TAG” you’re it! Now your somebody and everyone will know who you are.

Is G-d’s honor so cheap that G-d will take away my call and give it to another? When Jesus came to me, upon my findings and said “TAG” I was it. I knew what he meant. Jesus is glorified when he takes from the bottom and lifts to the top. You want the people at the top to be G-d’s instrument of judgment and how does that stand in the face of mercy and grace? Then all will see the truth, except for maybe those who think Bill Orielly has the holy spirit??? The blindest among us all could see he never placed the HOLY SPIRIT in his movie “Killing Jesus.” I guess you just have to be Jesuit Pentecostal to see it. “Tag” gives me certain rights, it means I get to tag others to help finish the necessary work, now you can dance for my work.

I am not anyone’s puppet, and I do not support the new world order your way. Hang with a drug dealer you get busted the same, prove to me it wasn’t your money or drugs, or you are not involved in America’s destruction, they are after all for pro-life, and that has to count for something. The children they added to the kingdom in Rome for centuries has been numerous??? Meant to be humorous.  Every instruction G-d gave mankind they have broken and professed to know him, there is a lot of people like that. Time to see who is fishing and who is cutting bait and who is cat food.

So now let’s talk about what Jesus meant by “tag you’re it.” It means I have the peace plan that the dragon needs. It is just a matter of time, during this period, there will be more rapes, murders, and killings. The devil will be most likely shooting more Catholic’s that belong to him who are not “Born Again” to solicit a false martyr like mentality among true believers, so they will defend his church even more and protect his ill-gotten wealth. While Islam grows stronger because the word remains hidden from them.  By the very ones who have always hidden the word from them and the rest of the world. The crop circles open up the word to all; these two men have no sight no vision had no understanding until just this moment.

They protectors of Rome are the sheep, and that’s what sheep do when led by blind shepherds taught by Jesuit teachers. They feel remorse for their enemies who plotted to kill them in the tribulation with their New World Order. Who have not figured any of this out yet? So no real repentance will ever come from them.

The dragon does not like my peace plan it involves repentance; he never has,  it means lifting the effigy of Jesus out of the dirt and proclaiming the name of Jesus all the while using his money to do it. Like the devil is going to release 700 billion dollars to a Protestant Bank in England. A bank, incidentally, that the money was originally stolen from by the Rothschild family, who, in point of fact, handles all the Vatican’s finances. Hang with a drug dealer you get busted the same prove to me it wasn’t your money or drugs.

Because I believe the Son’s honor is worth the world something he, and his minions will never confess. It is wisdom and a great way to weed out the false teachers among us who have compromised to the Point Of Thinking Bill Orielly has the HOLY Spirit because he said so. Catholic’s can now say the whole rosary in tongues, but it is still five Hail Mary’s to every single Our Father so is tongues the only evidence of the Holy Spirit??? So I by reason of intelligence one can conclude that speaking in tongues is not evidence of anything, discernment and obedience to the written word are definitely more promising in fruit production, watch me. What good is being Pentecostal if you can’t see? That is the blind leading the blind is it not?

Matthew 5:19  Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

Not that these men care about those kinds of things they’re Pentecostal and can speak in the lesser gifts of tongues. They would tell you to give until it hurts, and that it is not the will of G-d to give us or for us to have 700 billion dollars to lift up the name of Jesus, that’s not G-d’s way. That has to be Antichrist to promote Christ, well when you vote for a Moron, I’m sorry, I meant Mormon.

G-d doesn’t need money for harvest. He wants us to have an abundant life but never that abundant. I confess I’m trying to trick you all into bringing G-d glory and lifting up the name of Jesus, place television ads billboards and buying cars with G-d’s banners on them. Promoting and praising the name of Jesus at theme parks. I am the wickedest man among you of the Protestant kind; I promise; I will recant my Protestant position and give it all back to the Catholic Church after I sign the peace accord.

It is whom we took it from in the first place to put Obama in the White House in 2008. I grew up around Mormons, so I must be one as well. I didn’t hang out under the altar, but I was close enough to them. It must have rubbed off.

I will not allow this windfall to set any of your Catholic Family or friends free from the holiest church of Rome, what was G-d thinking giving me this overwhelming task and not include you or run it by you pastor? Rome needed to buy my country to place their false Messiah to Islam. Glad it was you who caught it, but you knew it and didn’t care. I cross my sacred heart and throw myself on the rack of inquisition that these people always mean well and are far better than I. My Honda car and International truck did not blow streams of white smoke on the same day. It was meant only for humor. I see now that it was wrong.

Will you all be laughing when the suicide bomber takes out your local Wal-Mart because the Catholics could never do peace just steal,  kill and destroy? They now have access to destructive power it was prophetic (see Ezekiel 28:17-18).  Because they have no peace plan and their minions, continue to ignore the one who has made these men monsters in the eyes of angels.

The Son’s honor is worth the world. If he wants the world, he will have to get it from me a phrase he and his minions will never confess. Great way to weed out the false teachers among us who have compromised to the Point Of Thinking Bill Orielly has the HOLY Spirit because he said so. Catholic’s can now say the whole rosary in tongues, but it is still five Hail Mary’s to every single Our Father, repetitiveness purposeful.

So no real repentance will ever come from them. The dragon does not like my peace plan. He never has; it involves lifting the effigy of the son out of the dirt and proclaiming the name of Jesus. While idols are destroyed to reveal to the Jewish people and the Muslims that my G-d, my Jesus does not nor ever has supported that kind of blasphemy and dishonor.

Building this was a mistake? Your sins will find you out.

Building this was a mistake? Your sins will find you out, and the truth will set others free. Amen

That G-d’s honor along with HIS Son is deserving of the world, something he and his minions will never confess. However, the people of G-d will confess that HIS honor is worth the world if they are G-d’s people. The name of Jesus is always employed by the darkness in either in cursing or in the downgrading of the role of Christ. They are never giving HIM glory or assign untold riches to HIS value.

Many use HIS name while they steal from him HIS honor and pick your pockets telling you that suffering and sacrifice are truly of G-d. They do not want the windows of heaven opened to you for the damage; it will do to their kingdom.

When Jesus came behind me and said, “TAG” I was it. I was awakened to find I was sent on a mission’s trip. Given the tools necessary to do the job that the men who say they are of G-d don’t want to use because it opens up G-d’s word, and it is by someone who knows they are not who they seem. The confession of G-d’s honor and his value will sort them out.

G-d had only hours earlier placed a brand-new spirit within me that kept repeating the name Babel, which coincidentally are my initials. The new anointing began cleaning my apartment with this high-octane energy, telling me my life has just been changed all the while he was in me cleaning my apartment and throwing away old files and receipts I had been hoarding. I must confess cleaning my apartment is a miracle in itself. I would come home after work and say something like, “You angels did nothing all day again the place is a mess.”

G-d has a sense of humor, because after I was done the cleaning, with my new anointing, I made a cup of coffee sat down drew up the emblem below on my computer, and Jesus came up behind me and said “TAG” I was it. In the whole graphic, he lays out his plan. Turn the world upside down for HIS Son.



The new anointing came upon me from my finding the insult that needed correcting. G-d told him to undo it because it would undo him. I was going to be it at the foundation of the world. These two guys were always going to be the vessels for Enoch and Elijah, just as I am the vessel for Abel. Jesus began talking to me like we had been long-time friends, and he couldn’t wait to tell me his plans and show me the treasures he hid in the word concerning me. After all, G-d must judge sin and why not use someone you like, who knows how to play the game of king of the hill, and as you can see I know where the King goes. If the enemy wants the world peace plan and the world, he has to take it from me. G-d can make anyone he wants a king or Enoch and Elijah.


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