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We are here because the first carrier of light to reveal the truth about the Son of G-d, denied HIM and led a rebellion that caused the making of man.  They like many of us refused to live by faith. They forced the hand of G-d and paid the price.  Humankind was created for G-d’s pleasure and to educate the truly faithful angels who remained in heaven with HIM.   To eradicate and destroy the first rebellious ones would only place an unholy fear in the hearts of the others.  You cannot force others to love you it must be a free choice for them to do so.  G-d is not the author of fear; free will is its author separated from G-d who is the author of love, peace, joy and family. No tough choice for me here.

The Son would be revealed and glorified at the appropriate time.  For if you had seen the Father you had seen the Son for the Son and the Father are one, they are the same. One is the visible image of the other we call HIM Jesus.   The light that was in Lucifer to go throughout the congregation wasn’t enough for him. He wanted more, much, much more he wanted to be the one they all worshiped.  He,  after all,  was visible to them. Seeing is believing for even angels. They wanted to see the Son and at first,  the light bearer was doing well proclaiming the truth.  The message may have been something similar to what we have heard in our time for there is nothing new under the sun.

Could he have preached to them to look on the face of G-d is to surely die?  A word that an eternal being had no concept of nor understood.   Like new-born children they were ignorant to the idea of evil.   They saw no need to continue to worship a G-d they couldn’t see. Lucifer went around as the covering (coat of many colors) proclaiming HE IS IN ME the SON of G-d HE IS IN ME. While the half-hearted and wicked among them chided him and laughed while the wise looked upon HIS size and beauty as a warning of things to come,  many came back but with still the attitude of doubt.

Lucifer had felt the presence of the most high in him as he told all the others HE is here HE is in me I carry the light. Did he proclaim,  to look upon the face of G-d is to surely die or in our case to be dead?  Death was a word that an eternal being would have had no concept of nor understood.  They chided him,  laughed at him, and were jealous of him.  They smiled and nodded their heads and walked away thinking it was all just a ruse to have them obey the laws of heaven.  The first enforcer of law was Lucifer, the only law come worship the Son when the trumpet is blown. Now because of him we have tons of laws to obey now.  All because a few needed to see the face of G-d.

We possess a light as well, all those who come to Christ and are born of the Holy Spirit,  it is the same light for there is only one light that lights the world it was the light that was in Lucifer.  Now he mocks and ridicules us who worship the Son he was created to protect.  The Holy Spirit is in us to lead us into all truth and help us to discern what is good over evil.  Free will must maintain that relationship to the light by hiding the word of G-d in our hearts Psalms 119:11.  We should always be careful not to offend HIM. Those who offend G-d have an imposter on their backs, one who hides behind pride and religion. They think they are pleasing G-d when in fact the only thing that pleases G-d is obedience to the word HIS Son and HE has spoken.

It is only in one book that the full truth can be found I have shared with you the greatest truth as to why we are here. We are here to correct free will and set it back on the right course.  The rebellious angels,  not ancient aliens said they would make the Son of G-d their pet if he ever showed.

Actions speak louder than words. Money that was stolen originally by the Rothschilds combined with vatican wealth. Not everyone is Ecumenical! some still have a sense of honor!

Actions speak louder than words. Money that was stolen originally by the Rothschild’s combined with Vatican wealth. Not everyone is Ecumenical! Some still have a sense of honor! I’m looking for them.

This is what wiped out the dinosaurs and increased the gravity of the earth so that he could not complete building his new world order without us.  Jeremiah 4:22-28.  Jeremiah 4:28 being the key verse as to why the earth has been cursed and man created to correct the situation to the angels in heaven and that is the reason I have been given this knowledge.

Jesus made it a game for them and for me it is also a game we know the outcome of and who is going to win it.

Games Father wished we did not play,  but found winning strategies in each they are simple children’s games for the highly sophisticated child of G-d.  The rebellion begins with wanting to be king of the hill.  The fall of man begins with hide and seek and G-d provides the tree of life to run too. In scripture HE hides clues throughout to show us how to take down his enemy and what HE is doing to help us.  The final game that divides the kingdoms is a clever play indeed.  The temple needs to be rebuilt because the light of the world has claimed HIS chariot. He is moving what is up down and what is down up and we are finding our avatars,  it becomes follow the leader.   Once the peace agreement is signed and the assassination is made the enemy will have his chariot as G-d vacates it with Abel the one who only wanted to have a family that loved G-d.  This is balance the enemy had a body it decayed and he needs another and well fair is fair.

Solving the first puzzle correcting the error done by him in front of G-d’s holy angels I can safely proclaim as Lucifer once did HE IS IN ME. The reason HE seeks to gild me with gold is because of the value HE places on truth and the reason I desire to give it to the true children of G-d.  As soon as I find the ones who see that G-d’s honor is worth the world.  That the money in the hands of Protestants won’t blow up the world as some wicked Catholics near me have proclaimed.

Having been cast out of heaven, the rebellious angels ended up here taking on the form of flesh to imprison them and force them to survive without G-d any longer providing for them as HE once had.  Staying true to himself and giving them the desires of their hearts a world without law.  Do as you please is the message of wickedness while the wise know a society must be governed by law and a good society obeys the law of heaven because it is good to do so to maintain that society. Those who disrespect G-d and his ordinances have no place in HIS society. To have everyone go to heaven without change of heart is a continuation of the same thing now throughout eternity.

It is safe to say hell was created for me so that I can enjoy G-d without those who would desire to mock HIM. Every nation has a place to put the wicked breakers of law among them,  hell is eternal,  life here is not.

When it came to the Son FATHER would always defend HIM and HIS honor except for one small slice of time.  The time HE made the most difficult of decisions dying for the Sin’s of the world.  That was the only time the Father would not defend HIM in fact it pleased G-d that HE did so.  HE did it for you and I.   Thank you,  Jesus.

3283_unlocking-the-great-pyramid-2_04700300.jpgJeremiah 4:28
(28) For this shall the earth mourn, and the heavens above be black: because I have spoken it, I have purposed it, and will not repent, neither will I turn back from it.

The imposter HOLY SPIRIT  denies truth he finds no wrong in anything that would offend the people in whom G-d singled out as HIS own. A people G-d chose to reveal to the world that the war is real that is being fought over their eternal souls.  These Jews who maintain the law are representatives of the angels who stayed and kept the law in heaven obediently waiting for the Messiah / Son of G-d to take HIS throne. How we treat them is how the angels see we will treat them,  for they too are G-d’s children. Offenders are not welcome; hell is there to keep heaven, heaven.

If we side with G-d’s enemies who harm them and place stumbling blocks in their path, we are no better than the first carrier of light who betrayed HIM thus our end is the same as his.

Please be patient with me as I carefully discern my surroundings, when G-d first revealed himself to me in 1978 and I spoke about it,  the Mormon’s and the Catholics placed me in a hospital that fed me drugs against my will.  The doctors insisted the light and voice I heard was a delusion and all my problems were due to my mother.  When the truth is my Mothers problems were a direct result of an imposter church and imposter Holy Spirit.  So when I see “Christians”  backing and supporting either group I’m a little put-off.  How is that defending the gospel or the finished work of Christ? Both faiths claim a restored priesthood which denies the purpose of it to begin with.  Making Romney president would have ended it a lot sooner and without mercy.  At least Obama doesn’t believe his religion makes him a god.  Besides both candidates were placed there by the same masters. Rome has been placing people in power since before the time of Christ.

All voting for Romney did for me was tell me who it is I need to be weary about. Who is not seeing what is going on in the spirit?

I would be amazed if Hillary did not make President after all the Democrats paid a lot of money to own the Whitehouse to install their false peace plan.  700 billion as you already know.  Is it the HOLY SPIRIT keeping the word from the world made with balls of light in seen and witnessed in England chased even by government helicopters?  Is it also the HOLY SPIRIT saying that the money should not be used by the church to exalt HIS name?

Someone needs to repent, and I do not think it is I. Is G-d’s honor worth the world or isn’t it ministers? I  will repent right after I sign the peace agreement just in case I am wrong on this. G-d will only allow one peace plan the one HE gave us 2000 years ago. I believe the peace plan is Jesus is coming back, and the body of Christ needs to prepare with rehearsals for the bride of Christ that is why the Monarchy remained intact they can do a great weddings one befitting of a holy bride and groom. G-d simply needs to place a leader on HIS church who does not compromise HIS Son’s words and who can see the truth.

Satan wrestled for Moses body, here’s why.  He needs a body to rule through, and it will be a leader of G-d’s people, and it will be after an Exodus.  Now that is very good news. Now the Holy Spirit imposter will look for other meanings to it all and deny the light that made the messages in England and keep the wealth from lifting up the name of Jesus.  He will say pyramids will confuse you and find it laughable that others still use the KING JAMES version how they are much more ahead of the game with their new translations that miss important things the KING JAMES reveals.  Yes men of G-d you are so much maturer than those who still have thees and thous. RESPECT is a seven letter word and if you do not have it where it is first found in the Bible than you just don’t have it.

If you are waiting for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit the question I have is,  what did you do with the first one HE gave you? Like Lucifer did you side with the wicked and mockers? Some are waiting only to avoid having to repent and continue clinging to their ecumenical positions to avoid the shame of failure in front of their congregations.  How hard is it under the true Holy Spirit to confess the Son of G-d’s honor is worth the world?  Thank G-d we are not like the angels, and we have blood we can apply. Lets fix this because we can under G-d’s hand.

Yours in Eternity

Brother Abel (yes that one)

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