The Illusion and the Reality

Our fascination with death is birth from a place of darkness that would like us to believe that God (if there is one) will receive us gladly because in this world we have suffered enough and HE is loving kind and merciful.

The truth is yes HE is all loving and kind and offers tender mercies, however,  receiving us is solely dependent on having accepted the work of HIS SON who made some of us keenly aware of how narrow the doorway to heaven is.

In the final blow against the false gods of Egypt and to break Pharaoh the angel of death is sent to kill all the first born of the Egyptians. The blood of the lamb represents the blood of Christ, It is celebrated today as Passover.

Jesus made it clear we are to follow HIM and honor HIS Fathers word.

Rabbi who sinned in order that this man would be born blind was it his parents or him? John 9:2

Jesus replied neither; it was not sin that made him blind it was in order that God would be glorified through the works of Jesus  God’s only begotten SON and HE (God) in the flesh.

There are no multiverses,  only heaven,  earth and hell.   To make us think we awaken in another reality without Christ is a lie of the devil death offers no second chances the lord of death will continue to make you wish you were dead.  Christ is precious, and a multiverse says HE is not.

Christ is God building HIS eternal Kingdom with those who want to honor HIM and HIS word. He is the cornerstone the builders rejected.

We are here because some of the angels who rebelled claimed they knew the most high and knew what God wanted,  yet they rejected the word and refused to come when the trumpet sounded.

We are not so removed from them ourselves when it comes to the word we reject it in favor of delusion and lies. Case in point a Televangelists by the name of Peter Popoff through his lies which condemned more people to hell and from seeking the word of God than he had healed in his lie induced faith healing ministry that slew people in the spirit.

Healings took place because of the faith of the people that God would heal them and HE would do it in Jesus name. When you give money to a ministry God is looking at your heart. If the minister is using it for a personal lifestyle he believes he should have  I do believe a worker is worthy of his wages but if those wages are at the expense of lost souls who see Christianity as a hoax perpetrated on the sheep of God’s flock where is the real profit?

Sadly Mr. Popoff will not be making lift off when the time comes.  The SON of God is not to be associated with deception and lies that were used to create a profit for selfish means.

Though exposed as a fraud the blind faith of others continued to believe that slaying in the Spirit was a work of God that this self-proclaimed prophet could perform.

He was exposed by the unbelieving community while the believing continued to accept it was from God in the end the whole body suffers and souls are lost because of such nonsense.

If you embrace the lie and support it who are you supporting?


God desires that none should perish but ALL come to repentance and the full knowledge of Jesus Christ.

God’s Son’s honor is worth the world~ Period end of Story!

Not self-proclaimed!

This should be preached among the Saints and the world made aware of this, it all has to do with the SON not being worshiped and the angels insisting on seeing the most high that should be obvious. However, the lie of the false teachers is that the SON was visible in heaven before the creation of man??? Prove visibility?  When clearly the effigy of the SON that cursed the whole earth before man says HE was not visible in heaven.

That is a false teaching the Father, and the SON  are the same one is the express image of the other.

Take a circle which in our case represents the holy one. As one circle it is complete when separated them we have two giving us the great number eight.  HOLY within HOLY one visible the other is not until man is introduced to the angels.


8 is a perfect number at the cross God is divided God the Father looks away as the sin of the world is placed upon HIS SON. The 8 split one turning his back for a short moment on HIS SON as HE has become the instrument of God’s wrath on sin,  we have our number 33 the age our Master hung on the cross. After 3 days the other half returns to make the SON whole again and raise HIM from the dead.

The law states you break a commandment you do not get into heaven; the punishment is death.  Jesus did not violate the law, so the curse of the law had no hold on HIM HE looked death in the eye and laughed as his enemy had no strings on HIM.

When 3 faces 3 again we have the Father and SON FACE to FACE there is no sitting at HIS right hand we will stand at the SON’s right hand on the day of judgment if indeed we are HIS.

Let us never separate them again or question the existence of the other.

Maybe the devil should have tried using human psychology to get Jesus to perform for him?

I know a Pastor who does not honor God’s word but he knows human Psychology and only one of those will start the revival.

What part of the one world leader and one world order doesn’t we grasp?

The kingdoms are the Lord’s and HE gives to whom HE wills those kingdoms.

The sperm like symbols represent souls (life) those who are trying to get into heaven above and those in the bowels trying to get out of where sin and evil are trapped. No one likes to look into their bowels. There are 21 upper and lower circles the center has a total of 9 complete circles we have a total of 51. Psalm 51:1-19 you will find in this chapter conception and the blotting out of sin.

Psalms 51:17
The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.

Side by side the little holes and larger holes add up to 55 x the two larger circles for 110 Psalm 110:1-2 The pattern is that of a chainsaw blade the ripping of G-d in two.

Jeremiah 4:21-22
How long shall I see the standard, and hear the sound of the trumpet?
For my people is foolish, they have not known me; they are sottish children, and they have none understanding: they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge.

Jesus said,

Matthew 7:13-14
(13)  Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
(14)  Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.


Please excuse my use of the KJV Bible it served true saints well, and they were killed and hated because of it, and if someone hates it that much,  I am inclined to love it even more.  Kind of like God’s relationship to the Jewish People HE loves them, and HIS enemy hates them and does not want them to stand on the word or believe it to be true or see their true value.

If the Church would unite as one like a Transformer they would see their value and know and understand the story that is laid out the stage called planet earth.

For the road to eternal life is narrow and very few if any find it. It is God who looks into the heart of man and determines whether they will honor his word and keep HIS kingdom in a place of peace. What we never want is to have rebellion and war again that was a result of those who thought the Son of God had no value and refused to honor the Fathers wishes to come and worship HIM the way HE desired.

They took the first gift of value given to the SON and turned it against the Father and HIS kingdom.

Which was revealed to us as,  the Coat (Covering) of many colors (many stones) and used it against God the Father. The children born behind the veil hated the child that was to come who was born on the other side Joseph and Benjamin were born of Rachel who represents us the children God labored longer for here in the earth.

The illusion is we need not fear death the truth is if you die without Christ you will always wish to die, man, is spirit and even in our darkened state we seek to communicate with the spirit world,  so we know one exists those even in darkness believe in a spirit world.

The word of God forbids the communication with that world because of the demons who walk the earth impersonating our loved ones, if the world is an indicator of how we coerce information from the enemies side what are we doing to our loved ones who died without Christ and are not protected in heaven?

What the lost seem to neglect is these creatures have no compassion they do not sense and feel as we feel and they love to see us suffer, suffering ends (minimalizes) when we know how to fight in the spirit and stand on God’s word.

God insists HE is the only one we communicate within the Spirit world that HIS SON reconciles us back to the Father and is the ONLY MEDIATOR BETWEEN MAN AND GOD.  No dead saint, no priest,  no Mary,  only Jesus.

God places good shepherds in our paths to instruct and teach us. However, they are not to be a replacement for your relationship with God.

I know that I go on about my Pentecostal Pastor he is only a man with feet of clay if he just honored the word of God many souls would have been saved by now his church would be busting at the seams with souls wanting to come in.  But he chose the path of darkness and ignorance to coerce light to shine when he carelessly rejected it, to begin with.

Professing themselves wise they became fools, and though the answer is so obvious and straightforward, they chose not to receive the love of the truth. Human Psychology is just that human simply honor the word of God and we can all get out of here and have a better chance at heaven.

The same spirits who gave us NASA gave us the NASB and it is not standing on God’s word it’s a cheap translation that has hidden truth that can set people free.

I won’t be asking for money in my ministry I will be giving away the dragons in order to set his captives free.  That’s probably why he and his ministers of righteousness really don’t like me and insist I be like a Peter Popoff.   I would say  ___ off if I weren’t a real Christian.

From the first shepherd to the last .

Brother Abel.


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