The Invisible World, Visible Around Us.

Have you ever been to a seance?

My hope is that when this is all through I’ll have you saying, uncle.

A say aunts is when a group gathers around a circle to call upon a deceased relative aunt, uncle, mother, father, grandmother or a host of other deceased individuals who were once called loved ones.

In any war that is fought when soliciting information from unwilling victims torture and terror are always used,  where does an idea like that truly come from?

Not from a God of Love,  Compassion,  and Mercy.

The Christians have always known that the only one to call upon when in a circle is the LORD JESUS CHRIST who is alive and HE is the only one HIS FATHER wants us to call upon the most generous loving kind and merciful God I/we know.

In the old testament, we were told calling on the dead ls an abomination and those who practice it are an abomination as well. No sense in my duplicating what other saints have written about it.

Houdini was a master at exposing the frauds and frauds are many among those who prey on the fear of death in others. Everyone is looking for hope to an afterlife however they want one where they can continue on a course of disobedience.

The underworld is deceitful with plans to suck you away from God with a lie.

For we lack the understanding of what is truly happening and many believe it isn’t happening at all while they are watching Ghost Hunters on Netflix.

Before man existed the Bible alludes to another race of beings here on the Earth we know them as fallen angels. They were cast out of heaven who have since shed their skins and roam the earth now known as demons seeking to inhabit the spiritual blind, the dumb and the ignorant among us.

Why were they cast out?  Because it was where God dwelt and gave free will to them and they chose not to worship the SON of God, in fact, they saw no value in gathering together in doing so. What one could not see could not possibly be real.

I have been down this road before but we really need to let this sink in. I serve one God who has revealed to us HIMSELF in three persons.  God the Father, God the Son and God the HOLY SPIRIT.

The Holy Spirit should reside within the heart of believers to reveal what is good and what is evil.  We have been given visuals to work with and confirmation that the SON of God is real they did not have that. Which explains why the face of a man is found on the body of a lion.

Carl Sagan was an unbeliever in God and never confessed Jesus Christ as Lord he believed that the cosmos was an accident of gases an explosion and from that, we got all this.

That my friends fill in the blank,  “Is a _____________ miracle of the most miraculous kind”.

Let alone the reproductive systems found in all living creatures that produce after their own kind.

You could have gone with awesome, however, I do know how some of you think.

Carl Sagan and his band of spending our money foolishly in a program called SETI the search for extraterrestrial intelligence missed what happened in Jerusalem some 2000 years ago. How could anyone have missed that? Seriously it truly brings tears to my eyes on both fronts.

Sagan’s group sent the first message into space using a binary code,  the return came back in 2001 the year the towers went down. If you need a word that rhymes with Satan,  Sagan would be it and I won’t say it again.

You must know the angels and Father were watching over their shoulders when they sent this.  They could have saved a fortune in money just to pick up the Bible and go home by their bed or favorite chair and just talk to the most intelligent life in the universe it is why HE put us here.  If it helps any HE answers to FATHER or Father I ask in Jesus name.  The name of your only begotten SON that you sent so I would not spend eternity with all those billions and billions of years with Satan, Sagan and his friends who rejected you, in the hell, you made specifically for the devil and his angels.

Sagan’s message reveals to the non-existent space people what position we are from the Sun. he sent his message to M13 a cluster of stars some 20 million light years away that still has not got there because no one has picked up the toll charges.

Carl Sagan Return SETI Signal

God reveals the angels and himself stick close by the third fourth and fifth which is Jupiter 483 million miles from the sun today as of this writing it is 412 miles from earth plus it has its 79 moons more than any other in our solar system note it is depicted by 4 of them.

Psa 79:4  We are become a reproach to our neighbours, a scorn and derision to them that are round about us.

All planets are round (only the earth is flat, just kidding).  Doesn’t matter if it’s flat or round as long as we are heaven bound only by the blood of Christ.

Compare the communication device in the returned Carl Sagan Aricebo message a year after and to the day the above G-d spoke appeared.

One year to the day this appeared before the Carl Sagan reply. I call it God spoke and Bang!

G-d Spoke and Bang!

The devil has been attacking me since the day I arrived here on planet Earth.  God has protected me by telling him that I would know who the antichrist was before anyone else, so he has ruined my life wherever I go.  He hates me he always has.

FYI I thought for sure it was Obama because of the Catholic support and the missing seven hundred billion dollars from our Economy which clearly makes me the guy in Daniel 8:23-24. There is nothing wonderful about destroying mighty and holy people and unless the missing word is wicked than wonderful would make better sense in the passage.

Just as the voice and the return message came a year apart I found myself after 3.5 years going through a divorce brought on by a Church that hid sin. It was that which led me to find his effigy in Egypt that was being hidden.

I had left that church after seven years to attend another in Woburn Massachusettes a more mature Church in the spiritual gifts.  There the pastor’s wife published a book that restored my sanity as the old tapes in my mind from growing up began to replay the devil was bringing back the things my alcoholic Catholic stepmother had always said to me.

It was a year to the day a young man from another state appears at this church I thought it was an answer to prayer, someone, to win the youth to Jesus but something else darker and more sinister was at work.

I was turning 35 and felt I was too old to be with the singles group besides I promised God I would not marry again.  I was struggling with the old nature and found myself becoming the flirt I was before my salvation. Before moving on to serve in a homeless ministry within the church, I explained to the individual my reason for departing the group,  it was my age I felt I was too old for many of the woman in the group. He proceeded to tell me his vision of having his own community I asked if he shared this vision with the pastor and he replied no.  I then tried to reason with him that it is time to bring churches together not create new ones I do appreciate all those new church plants when done with God’s approval it usually does not involve bad blood between parties.

Needless to say, after 2001 I ended up off the road from trucking to have my only Son at home, low and behold not long after that I found this man was in my backyard starting his community after a tiff and church split took place in a church I happened to love.   I noticed Catholic’s were involved it was not hard to see how the devil operates through them to encourage the wrong things.

I know that God loves him and we almost started a revival in Salem NH at his church after I got the lamps. Unfortunately, I was not ready for what the devil was going to throw at me through his ministers of righteousness.  Who for the most part defend the harlot, as one can see is her offspring.

The video below was taken the other night no one gets excited over the crop circles revealing the word of God to set souls free I became born again in May of 1982 it is my spiritual birthday a month before my physical birth which is 6/10.

In the video, some of you are going to ask where is the third 8 in 888?  Interstate 10 in Texas only goes up to 881 miles the coastline of California is 840 miles.

888 added is 24 there are 24 elders that surround the throne of God one-third of 24 billion is 8 billion that is what we are coming up on in terms of chariots (sorry) human souls to replace what was taken in the fall. Eight represents perfection and times three is greater than perfect.  777 is 21 Father-Son in Heaven One on Earth the Holy Spirit and Jesus gets to reign 1000 years so that everyone can get to know HIM better,  but you need to know HIM now.

The message returned indicates their population is nearing 24 billion lives while in 1974 time of Sagan’s we had nearly 4.3 billion half of what we have today.  It is not hard to see what is going on here what it takes is a relationship with God that can see the truth from error, good from evil.   I pleaded with God for the lost what good is it if they cannot read your word because the harlot and her ministers keep it from the world while claiming they do not. In fact, the people claiming to hold the keys keep heaven locked and the gates to hell wide open. I am troubled because I have met his ministers and they are many.

The image below is of spirits wearing vestments and blocking God from reaching your loved ones because they just don’t get me!

They are holding hands and wearing the robes of religion (vestments) keeping the Holy One from working that is why G-d chooses his judge to expose the fakes. Counting the raised sections we have 12 outer points that will make a point.  The garments are split so count 24 the holy one in the center plus the trap  for a total of  38 Psalm 38:1-22 The twelve outer points point to Psalm 38:12

He only needs to eliminate two to three to pass through.

To say that the enemy of my enemy is my friend does not work in the kingdom of God nor should it here the enemy was produced by the enemy who claims to be my friend,  he is just using me and using our children to fight in a war they are responsible for then they have us bear false witness to something they orchestrated to bring us by their side while getting wealth and living lavishly on the death of our children.

She is drunk on the blood of the Protestant children.

The Bible clearly tells us, mortals, that to see the face of God we would surely die or have to die, I am sure the angels were told the same thing concerning the most high the SON of God. Yet they insisted and so here we are discerning good from evil and right from wrong.

Below is a video I found on youtube and I believe giving credit where credit is due but the guaranteed reward can only be given in a relationship with God’s only begotten Son Jesus Christ. I am not a big fan of the music in the video but it does say you need to have an opened mind. In fact, sometimes you need to believe before you can see,  it is an act of faith. The video tries to reveal the symbols of the war but the greatest two symbols is the Lion and the Pyramid what began the curse on the whole earth and it wasn’t Adam and Eve they brought death to man in the form of knowledge.  I came to Honor my Mother and Father and correct a mistake any one of us could have made.

Please if you have not surrendered to Christ do so today because those who do not will never live in Utopia with HIM.  Father will not let you even near HIM if you don’t love HIM and the good news is HE first loved you before you even knew HIM.

Brother Abel.

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