The killings will stop when the compromise ends?

Decisions must be made or we are going to see more Christians martyred. Does G-d have a Son or not?  Will you continue to stand with Rome and her lies and compromise the true teachings of Christ? So many do and so many are, even those whom I believed loved Jesus sympathize with the wicked, they should know better, but they so want to lead while they refuse to follow the one whom laid his life down for them.

I am asked so subtly to compromise what I am to believe and deny what G-d has revealed to me in Genesis 15:13-14, and in Jeremiah 4:22-27.  However,  I will not. G-d reveals his truth about the system of King of the hill by using America and lifting the Lion out of the dirt. Jesus said if He was lifted from the earth, He would draw ALL MEN.

The very star of David reveals two opposing pyramids the governments throughout history prior to America’s founding all had elite godless rulers over their people off and on.  Only one government turned the tables on the enemy’s opportunity at getting to the top. I am sorry that ignorance rules so many of us, that when America goes to the poles in 2016, they will have Rome’s hand-picked puppet in place to rule over them rather than someone willing to notify the world Jesus is on His way.

Good is the American form of government while evil represents Roman Catholic government.

Good is the American form of government while evil represents all others especially Roman Catholic government.

By the way my Pastor said pyramids would confuse you so if any of you are confused about the rules to the game of king of the hill it is where only one can be King and one that loves does not need weapons to keep himself on top.

I teach and believe the angels existed long before man was ever made.  Creationist seem to deny this aspect of creation.  G-d reveals man is flesh also in Genesis 6:3 to show just how ignorant I really am.  Do the men who claim to have light be right that the Sons of G-d are something other than angels who have taken on flesh? Descendants of the sons of Seth??? Good thing G-d told me the descendants of Seth or Cain had flesh and blood I would have missed that deep needed observation and explanation he gave obviously it was a mistake to place that there.

circle_of_angelsWas it G-d’s intentions that one day those who mocked his Son in heaven would one-day walk here on the earth along with us to suffer beside us as a form of discipline?

Where they asked to come into the harvest fields after Israel became a nation? Is this why abortion has risen since WWII? Would they deny Christ after seeing what he did at the cross and refuse to come? Wouldn’t that still be rebellion?

It was them in the first place who insisted on seeing the Son? Were they jumping the gun in Genesis six by choosing to rebel and go for the women rather than wait until the end? Did G-d want his family to have sons of their own to care about?

No doubt the angels became impatient waiting for the Son, and the second rebellion happened. Necessary in G-d’s estimation so that mankind doesn’t all fall for Catholicism and see the truth of what they did here on earth,  the devil did exactly in heaven, dressed in all their precious stones they now do as he did siding with the rebellion,  saying G-d has no Son.

Is Jesus the example for us all or perhaps He is not?  Maybe that’s why we can squeeze a million saints and Mary in the mix to follow as well, aren’t they really saying this mediator is flawed let us make others? When we are here because the Son was not followed by the angels as G-d required in heaven to begin with.

In 1954, Mary is made co-redeemer by once a pagan group which is not pagan any more at all because they are the leaders within of the Christian church which makes you an automatic bonafide Christian if your a leader. Five years later, G-d sends me into the mix only I don’t want to be a leader, just a follower.

Was mans timetable in Genesis 6:3  shortened for his sake or to make the angels think twice about rebelling? We know flesh and blood is needed to sustain us on this world. That flesh is enmity towards G-d a prison for rebellious sinful beings, which happened to all mankind because one chose to disobey. Not that you or I  would have, had it been us in the garden we would have at no time suffered, we would have never fallen?

Because our free will would be different it would not rebel against such great love.  I don’t feel bad for Lucifer only those he deceives,  we need provision in order to sustain ourselves that means a provider.  The worm of his soul or his drive is only for power not food or water he desires what he cannot have. Those whom die without Christ desire things they can no longer obtain because they rejected the provider.

(Satan the great horned one) their are 14 circles including his two eyes because he lives in darkness eyes are not necessary. So we subtract to get 12 add the three average sized angels by the tail for the passages Isaiah 14:12-15

(Satan the great horned one) their are 14 circles including his two eyes because he lives in darkness eyes are not necessary. So we subtract to get 12 add the three average sized angels by the tail for the passages Isaiah 14:12-15 he is two faced don’t forget Ezekiel 28:12-15

Lucifer’s domain suits him he has no nerve endings he is spirit with emotions turned on high anger and feelings of betrayal. His environment is not suitable for man and mans needs. Feeling for him is like caring for a slug or a snail wishing they had better living conditions.

The choice he gave Adam and Eve was not if and when but in the day that you do. I joke about it, but I believe it to be true that G-d oozes with love.  When He was present and in the garden,  He was a joy to have around. Eve only wanted Adam to be less like the rabbits and more like G-d. It would explain why Cain could  build a city!

There are 94 Fruit positions which is the Atomic number for Plutonium. Upside down we find what that does.

There are 94 Fruit positions which is the Atomic number for Plutonium. Upside down we find what that does.

Am I to believe the lie that the Son is an entirely separate individual from Father in heaven before the creation of man? That would then make me polytheistic,  which I am not.  There is only one G-d who revealed himself in three persons. Why would the angels rebel against what they knew was true or did they not require any faith to exist?

Was the Son sitting on the throne beside the right hand of father or is Psalm 110:1 miss leading along with Hebrews 1:13?  If Lucifer was the light bearer to go throughout the congregation in heaven what was the light and who was driving him? Did he really believe that he could overthrow the kingdom because of what was in him or did he just stop listening to what was in him like so many do with their conscience today?

Could the angel of the Lord, who is not Michael or Gabriel be a substitute before the actual Son arrives? Just like the rider of the first white horse of Revelation who comes without arrows but carries a crown?  Could the angel of the Lord be the one G-d had respect towards with the original priestly offering? Was Abel adopted by the angels or cast into outer darkness? After all, he did die under the curse and tough cookies if he didn’t have a bosom to fall into. Wasn’t it G-d’s respect of him that got him killed? So wouldn’t it be funny to send him back to draw out the respect for the offering the enemy did not have and do it before the rapture?

The enemy once carried the light, so he knows the power behind it, unfortunately when you look at Rome, sharing is not his thing. Although it is a very important part of being civilized and caring.   Now he has no choice he must learn what we all learned in kindergarten… He must learn to share.

One thing is for certain Abel was the first crier in heaven and one who didn’t see what the enemy built. G-d is good at keeping secrets. However, it was the enemy who was hiding it.  If he did nothing to hide it, I would have never found it.    Abraham’s seed through Isaac would suffer because of G-d’s great love for His Son and for having the faith to look for a city whose builder and maker is G-d or wanted someone who wanted to be G-d. They are hated because of what it is and who it is they point to and what gives him away.

Christ crucified reveals a depth of love for both of us that many overlook.  G-d is worthy of worship because he gave us life and then showed us how precious it is. It is the fault of the angels man is here but in the last days, we can be assured they will not help us win this war because the enemy has filled the pulpits with compromise.

I am an optimist I do believe we are surrounded by angels who came like Jesus via the womb who need to be awakened but the dinosaurs and the Pope, and the compromise keeps them sleeping not to be awakened. Kind of like when Moses law is read the veil remains over the eyes of the Jewish people.

The struggle in Boston destroyed the angels chances of coming forward in time to save many, it was in Boston the door was opening for them. They were just waiting for someone other than themselves who saw it built to begin with to recognize the importance of the Son in all of creation.  So the truth has not been discovered yet,  the game will continue and more will die until it is discovered who it is I carry inside me.

Greater is he that is in me,  than he that is in the world. Who can truly bring order from Chaos?

I desire that only Christ be shone upon not my idea of Christ but what his word reveals about Him.  I will not jump on the careless teachings of others who obviously must compromise in order to make their theories fit scripture. When Jesus came to me after leading me into Egypt and said the enemy could not hide anything from me. I see he still tries as he works through the ministry keeping the lie hidden. If there is light in these people they better turn it on and do it soon.

I am told I must believe that angels did not take on flesh and blood at the first rebellion and that the dinosaurs were made in the first six days not that man is a different venue than the angels.  That angels rebelled not in the first hundred thousand years but between day one and six. That dinosaurs were brought to Adam to be named and voyaged on the ark, not that they were here before the creation of man to aid the enemy in building the symbols of the battle.

I am led to believe that dinosaurs only ate plants and walked on tippie toes as not kill smaller creatures until death came into the creation,  not that the rebellion by the angels was bringing death into the creation. Death came to man after man fell but the angels fell long before man. The reality is death does not exist if spirit is eternal. Man was made in G-d’s image but separation from him is death, thorns thistles and trials for man are the result of separation.

Their destruction by a meteor is well recorded one I say slowed the earths rotation we know that the first pyramid built is noticeably three arc degrees off of true alignment with the northern pole of the earth.  All dinosaur eggs would have not have died out before man was made Jeremiah 4:27.    Maybe Lucifer created the dinosaurs in his esteemed state before leading the rebellion and being thrown out of G-d’s lab? This is not the actual debate though is it?

Ezekiel 28 we find a prophecy where G-d tells the prophet to speak to the prince of Tyre where we discover he is not born of a woman but he was created with all precious stones. We confess the truth and say the prophet is speaking to the spirit behind the man the one known as Lucifer carrier of the light. In Jeremiah 4:25 we see there is no man but the prophet speaking is not speaking into the spirit realm on this one.  G-d may be hiding the truth from those whom seek to make a profit from His Son and their pride denies that they are.

I spent 36 dollars on three dinosaur books to tell me what already know G-d created the heavens and the earth, the debate should not be about Dinosaurs or Creationism vs Evolution it should be as the debate began.  Do we need the Son in order to have peace or not? The devil began the debate twisting it into confusion does G-d have a Son or not?I say yes he does and He and I have become closer than brothers after what I found.

Like my former homeless ministry in Boston it was not the ministers vision and was ended, I believe it ended because there was no profit in it? That the rich tither’s felt uncomfortable around them so he ended it with the excuse it was not his vision,  well was Tennessee his vision where he finds himself?

It was not his vision to have his step son ridiculed by the state for raising his son according to scripture.  They did not see what the enemy was doing and how what he meant for evil G-d was meaning for good?   That the Pastor was to be lifted up in order to bring shame to those who attacked him,  but according to their wisdom it was best to leave the state.  Is having his step Son being shamed before G-d on judgment day his vision rather than be a hero for winning millions of souls in Massachusetts,  John Kerry a CATHOLIC from Massachusetts will never find the peace plan without him.   They haven’t found it in 2000 years and I am only getting half of Seven to complete the work of Christ.

Mind you it wasn’t the power of the state that forced them to leave.  G-d wanted him to reach the lost of that state all those souls will go unsaved because someone insisted their vision to be more important. I grew up in Methuen (me the one) Mass doesn’t seem Mass is not getting any mercy at all.  Unfortunately I grew up there and like Israel the devil hates me with an equal passion, and he is unable to do anything about it. He needs Israel to remain holy ground and he needs a peace plan so both Israel and I are safe.

As for the rest of you, you are all fair game to him.  Someone is going to be short on rewards because the homeless ministry was not his vision. So then what is the vision?

You can give yourselves all the titles you want but ignoring the truth is not going to help anyone.  Satan will continue to kill without mercy because you all reject G-d’s instrument of mercy and 555 always precedes 666 and justice on the wicked must be served, and the righteous will rejoice.  The effigy of G-d’s Son must be lifted by the church in order to draw the world to Christ.

If the rider of the white horse symbolizes the return of Christ but is not Christ only a preparation before when the rider of the real white horse shows up.  Should my pastor still be denying my call with all the proof I have given him or is he just looking for others signs? Well what can I expect with a man whose Bible translation robs G-d and Abel of respect,  I think I will need to put the dragon to work after all the signs G-d is sending are not helping anyone,  thanks to his great discerning powers of spiritual matters and things.

You know this happens because one picks up a spiritual venereal disease when siding with the harlot and feeling the presence of G-d at one of their liturgical mockings of the sacrifice.  I would rather not send the dragon but what choice do they leave me?

The debate remains open does G-d have a Son or does he not? If he does is he to be used as a tool as Catholics have used him to take over the world. Shouldn’t he be worshiped the way the angels worship Him in heaven? This may be my fault for being a leader to the Church of the angels while waiting in a Assembly of G-d church to take my position as head of the Anglican Church.

Even so if G-d makes you a king,  a king is what you are Daniel 8:23.


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