The Lawgiver has power over the holder of the keys… Part Two.

G-d does not take away our free will. HE requires us to see things HIS way. HIS home, has HIS rules. No one gets in without Christ and a repentant heart, sorry no exceptions.

Half of the world’s culture of gamers who are in their mid to late 30s understands this simple truth. One thing has more power than another. We need rules to be presented to those who are staying in the tribulation. That means a lawgiver (rule maker) is going to be needed.

Moses was the first law giver speaking on behalf of G-d who was called to lead the first Exodus and show the world what a real priesthood looks like. Jesus came to overcome the law and expound upon its purpose and meaning to bring an end to the priesthood.

Satan wants to deny the end of it, to deny the Son ever came and finished his work.  In his covering up he exposes himself.

Tribulation is going to be a new game altogether and very terrifying, with cannibalism and demons, refusing to let go of their bodies the zombie apocalypse will become a reality. Most of them are dead now anyway, only Christ can bring them to life.

However, keep in mind they wanted to stay and play with their wicked devices. We will offer them a better alternative, show them a promising future without fear or worry without want or need, before we depart. G-d will not be as present in the tribulation just in the sealed 144,000. HE will be celebrating with HIS saints who made the first and only escape in the great Exodus. Who did not offend HIM and do iniquity those who really wanted to belong. This Exodus will need many leaders it’s totally going global, and I am just one small truck driver with no seminary under my belt and like G-d, I cannot be everywhere, but I know others who can be.

I just want to enjoy my wife; HE gave to me. My Gomer to have the honeymoon the world deprived us of, a restored marriage that the church had a hand in ending. I am not a controlling person I know who is in authority,  if I were, I would not have this call. I will let others do the harvest, but it will be my prize money they will be spending, going through a group it was originally robbed from.

The knight Templars which will see us again safely into the promised land, they will build our churches bigger and pay our debts, so we leave owing no one. It’s instead of the precious stones to cover me to let others know where HIS light is being held. The glory belongs to HIM, and I want HIM to have it all. I was sent here to do just that. Daniel 8:12, Daniel 8:23-24 and Revelation 6 all are tied to me.

I will not compromise with traitors or ever agree with a priesthood that clearly ended at the cross. The little horn is Protestantism. The two larger ones are Catholicism, which is the woman riding the beast who is our world today, because of them and their Islam having refused to do G-d’s word as the apostles unmistakably instructed. Teach the word and place it in our hearts.

Allah will then get his seven years, and we know who he is; he has no Son. He will take care of all the little gods. I was never a video game player, in fact, as a child, we had no family games in our home at all. However, I know this game very well, and I know who is the winner. This is one time you do not want to side with the underdog. His end is near, and his home is a house of continued suffering. He will fault you always for being his weak link, even if you weren’t. He takes no responsibility and is too stupid to fear the true Son of G-d. That’s just the kind of god he is or ever will be, even if he was to win, which is impossible it’s like the toaster telling you how to order your home.

My stepfather bought his son a four-seat merry go-round that you pumped with your feet. Only my step brother became too old for it. When he could get away and stay at friends, he did not hesitate. Peace and joy alluded our home because my stepmother was a victim of a Catholic orphanage as is most of the world, which has no peace and no joy.

Imagine twelve years in a “Christian” institution and you never find the HOLY SPIRIT or embrace G-d’s word. A word needed to feed the HOLY SPIRIT of which you did not receive because G-d is not big on the Satanic priesthood of mystery and controlling the populace as they did in Egypt. Allowing her to go to hell without Christ and continue to suffer was not an option for me. G-d does not take away our free will; HE requires us to see things HIS way. HIS home has HIS rules, and no one gets in without Christ and a repentant heart.

I learned that having friends over my house only troubled her and set her off, so I would tie cement blocks to the other side of the merry go around to keep from tipping over. Imagine a world like that orphanage; they had over 2000 years to share the Bible with everyone. I wonder what is the root of our world’s problems, so we may lay the axe to it. What is G-d trying to say to us and what to do about it?

Lucifer was the first covering cherub in heaven who gave up his role to lead others to rebel against G-d. You do not want to be subject to him or his powers. A covering is meant to protect oneself, G-d used him to protect the Son’s position in heaven by turning the rebellious back to worship the Son. He was separating the bad element from the good in a good way. He did fine until the rebellious angels he was created to restore turned him to their way of thinking. Technically, he is still doing what he was created to do only without the lamps of light that he carried.

There are people around me who would like to do that to me, so it’s not hard to tell who is feeding them. What the rebellious angels did to him in heaven is trying to get me also to compromise my position and side with them. I know a good deal when I see it. You can stay behind with the enemy if you like but me; I’m still going home. I need G-d, I like being cared for and loved. I don’t want to be a god, and that makes me non threatening to anyone. Thanks to my step mother and her open-door policy for demons I know I will never be a god.

G-d can give him another ride one who won’t be so pleasant and win your loved ones to Christ. I am sure the Muslims will give him his peace plan. The one he needs to get G-d’s holy people to rebuild for him the temple and sanctify it for the true G-d. With enough Muslim’s killing Christians, it will help in bring peace and let the Jews build their temple??? Eventually, the Catholics in our Protestant churches are going to have to cave in and surrender to G-d, which will begin the worlds harvest. However, it would help if the Protestants which became traitors with them repented first and showed them where they went wrong with their knowledge and understanding of G-d.

Children were Pharaoh’s weakness in the Exodus. We know by clear evidence (Planned Parent Hood) the devil hates children, because they bring out love in the best of us. For people of G-d, they are our kryptonite. If you want to be a planned parent how about waiting on the right person, design with G-d in mind?

There’s just one dragon, and though he may have as many summer homes as he wants he can only have one lair and one main base of operations. If he was to take America, the most powerful bomb building nation in the world and make it his new base of operations he would have to buy out a political party. Which happened in 2008. He loves seats of power while hating America, which really gives him and his away.

He will not give you America back so we need to rise up and take it from him. That means exposing his body of followers who insist they are not following him. I know they are not following the living G-d of Israel, there is something about it. Every game player has a tell when you know they are bluffing?


There was a time Roman Catholicism insisted they were the only way to heaven. However, Satan wants heaven open to all but true Christians, so he can continue the same thing for eternity without the Son again being the focus of worship. Feeling he has won, his church is opening it up to all, is that a coincidence?

Hell was made for me, and other Christians like me. So we do not have to put up with the same thing that is happening here. All this once happened before without all these cool toys of destruction. For those who have not figured out, what a covering cherub does he is to protect and enforce good ethical behavior, keeping the bad elements out of G-d’s kingdom.

I begged G-d for a place in heaven for my stepmother no matter how little. I promised HIM that when I got there I would keep her out of his hair. Not long after I figured out that’s exactly what a covering is supposed to do keep the bad elements away.

The unrighteous will not take part in the kingdom of G-d. Subsequently, if you haven’t picked a side, you have a short time in which to do so. If you get left behind it is a clear indicator the road you were on was the wrong one to begin with. No more guessing if hell and Satan and suffering are real or not. You can at least thank the Catholic church and their priesthood you know there is a trinity; and their effort on pro-life if they had preached the word that would have never been a problem to begin with. However, that’s all you can thank them for.

How am I to come out of America or pay America back double? They want us to believe the good is evil while they are good??? America did me the greatest kindness and service to the freedom of worship and opportunity. It was designed by G-d’s very own hand to reveal the finest of truths and until the leadership within the church acknowledges the Son of G-d’s honor is worth the world, there will be no great harvest. There will, however, be a lot of damnation. G-d will not lose, and HE will not allow sin in HIS presence. So one must deal with it!

Revelation 2:13 I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth.

The enemy sits, and the enemy dwells and it usually with the ones with the most power.

Those who would watch his accumulated wealth would not have any in order to maintain their positions of power within the church. It is a well-known fact that they did not want heirs claiming any money from the church. They can’t be faulted for not taking care of widow’s and orphans if they have none. Ours unfortunately deplete their resources. While at the same time they insist, they care about our children and the unborn. If you could see their need to have soldiers to fight in their wars and protect their phony priesthood, it will begin to make more sense.

They play both sides, their money the silent partner for the other side. The purpose eliminates any weak links by not having children and strengthening the worker base to protect you by claiming for families while growing their vast empire. Grab the children young and feed them not the word of G-d but dogma making drones of them. Belief in the trinity and support of pro-life is not the criteria for being a Christian. It’s not having other gods before the only G-d, Christ Jesus.

They would brainwash others to believe they know G-d. See what the Catholic church has to say about the Pope… the one true G-d is furious allowing Islam to prosper to punish the abusers of HIS Son which they used to build their one world order and killed true saints in the process of creating it.

She is drunk with the blood of the saints…Protestant saints, mostly because the truth is there are no Catholic saints. He let a few slip by to keep the majority. Even in chess you have to sacrifice a piece or two, but not as many as they are claiming, again it is the tell. Something about them says they are bluffing.

Mary, not Jesus, is crushing the serpent. Virgo is lifted over cancer and no one knows why suffering is being allowed?

Mary, not Jesus, is crushing the serpent. Virgo is lifted over cancer, and no one knows why suffering is being allowed in our world? G-d is not allowing it; we are by not exposing the darkness.


G-d is the same yesterday today and forever, and he did not let the Jewish people get away with things that offended HIM or went against HIS laws. HE raised up nations against them. How much more is HE against those who ignore HIS Son and HIS teachings? Who profess they know HIM while placing a stumbling block in the way of HIS chosen people?

Isaiah 57:12-16  I will declare thy righteousness, and thy works; for they shall not profit thee. (13) When thou criest, let thy companies deliver thee; but the wind shall carry them all away; vanity shall take them: but he that putteth his trust in me shall possess the land, and shall inherit my holy mountain; (14) And shall say, Cast ye up, cast ye up, prepare the way, take up the stumblingblock out of the way of my people.

These are not idols or dolls, these are action figures???

What stumbling block? These are not idols they're action figures. Old men should not be playing with dolls grow up!

What stumbling block could he be talking about? Older men and women of a mature spirit should not be playing with dolls. So who needs to grow up! How does one die in blatant disobedience and resistance to the HOLY SPIRIT get into heaven? Answer…They don’t. If they did Satan would have a case to get back into heaven as well and G-d is not falling for it, nor should you. Bad enough we are going to hear him talk about all the Christians who voted for Mitt Romemoney because they care not about the teachings of scripture, they just want a god they can see

Why do they who claim to know G-d and not have the wisdom to end the wars and bring about peace? Hint: Away from me, I never knew you..

(15) For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabitest eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.
(16) For I will not contend for ever, neither will I be always wroth: for the spirit should fail before me, and the souls which I have made.

How is this making the Jewish people jealous of our relationship to G-d?

The compromise has galvanized the world against true Christians so that the world see's only through Christ as intolerant.

Their compromise has galvanized the world against true Christians so that the world discerns that only through Christ as intolerant.

The Obamanation of a false messiah to lost people was the final straw brought about by the Vatican.

Their wealth was invested heavily into placing people they wanted in power that could be fought at a later date in order to prosper the MIC (Military-Industrial Complex). t would be our children who died in their manufactured wars. It was never their children. It is no secret; they hate America; we were and still are one nation under G-d but not their god. Rome holds the KEY that has opened the gates of hell, what they have done clearly leaves me to believe the whole operation is MIC-KEY M-O-U-S-E this is no doubt the top-secret code word of the entire intelligence community that was engineered by the original Loyola fan club. Liars do not get into heaven, and if you are being paid to lie, the confessional will do you no good. Liars confessing to liars still makes one a liar.

Revelation 21:8  But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

Greek Orthodox Russia was taken down when they used the wealth of the believers who were the Czars at the time against them. Advancing the Marxist agenda, just as they promoted Darwinism here in America. Allowing their money to publish works that went against the scriptures. Ever wonder where was the ACLU when America was handing its money to faith-based groups?

There can only be one G-d and one church in the eyes of Rome, even though Jesus addresses seven in the book of revelation. They have before the time of Christ placed political allies in key roles that benefit them, never the people of the United States or any other country for that matter. Germans after WWII had intelligence concerning Russia for the Americans, keep in mind they (Jesuits) made Russia what it had become. No doubt they all went through the same Parochial Presentation of Popery. Brainwashed into believing Christ needed to be continually sacrificed by a mocking priesthood. People easily bought into it because, deep down, inside the subconscious; they hate G-d and want to see HIM suffer.

The Mexicans crossing our borders disrupting our system of Government are all mostly Catholics. They are all staying behind to face the judgment of G-d. The aid to the Muslim groups by our government again political puppets of Rome and her CIA trying to buy peace with Islam. American Protestants along with England Protestants need to unite to begin celebrating the return of Christ and the soon coming justice of G-d of which I cannot tell a lie, have a big part in.

The people have become slaves to feed the tax base of the governments they control and prospered from. It is the priesthood at work on a larger scale using fear and intimidation to secure what they need, money and lots of it.

Many stop looking for G-d once they become “Born Again.” Jesus was never hiding; we know who HE is and where HE is. The Father, however, was waiting for one of us to get the clues that are found in only one book.

He is called “the lion of the tribe of Judah” with good reason. Judah camped east in the wilderness tabernacle where the Sun rises to reveal the truth behind the Sphinx. Did someone say or was someone saying … “Let your Son stare into your glory and see how he likes it?” Why would anyone in their right mind turn on such a prestigious position in heaven? Because the angels who thought, they knew G-d said G-d did not need such a fancy covering (wealth precious stones) to bring in HIS rebellious.

They had become jealous of the Son and used the covering against him. So instead of helping Lucifer and seeing his true purpose, they lost their friends and loved ones to hell for all eternity. All because they could not understand why he was and neglected to help him in his role.

Hath G-d need of money in order to bring in HIS harvest? No, HE needs it to give you your peace plan and build your temple so you can have your seven years.

Lucifer could have gone any way with it. Instead, he built the symbols to the battle. However, not before he sided with the group, he was created to bring back to worship but chose to lead instead. Everyone needs a leader who suits them. They got theirs. You think they’re happy now? Just like Rome and her CIA have Obama. This will make winning the world so much easier for me when I find true men of G-d who have not bought into the doctrines of devils and see the truth of what G-d is doing.

In this game, you only get one new life; one do-over before you die. Should you go back to your old life-like a dog to his vomit? G-d and HIS Son were not precious to you and you never really knew them to do so, the return journey is harder than the first.

Continued in part three…

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