The loss of a child “it seems if” G-d is being cruel?

Updated 5/6

G-d is never cruel, a soul full grown wandered from HIM that dies in its sins remains in torment it is they who rejected HIM,  they have rejected heaven and that only leaves one other place. Think things are bad now, better not die without Christ they will only get worse.

The following crop circle was made by a lamp of light it is the great horned one. If only you poor souls knew whom you were pledging your eternal souls too. 

The covering bigger in comparison to the angels by his stinger. Made up of 14 circles the eyes need not be so we come up with 12 the three angels for how many verses we come to Isaiah 14:12-15 two faced Ezekiel 28:12-15.

David lost a son before the child was to undergo circumcision, David’s comment was that the child could not return to him but he could go to the child when it was his time. So even before Christ came we see that rituals not performed will not keep a child from G-d, this passage reveals infant baptism is not a doctrine of scripture but created by a priesthood to give themselves purpose,  a tool in Satan’s arsenal.

Side note:  David did not really want the child had Uriah slept with his wife he would have been deceived into thinking the child was his.  What a can of worms that would have opened up,  years and years of lying. Uriah could have even been the best-paid soldier in David’s army but the friendship would have been false.

I have done some grievous sins totally undeserving of what G-d has given me, the point is we are all sinners and it is HIS grace and HIS deep love for each of us that HE desires to remember our iniquities no more. Under the blood means cleansed away I cannot get over how much HE loves me.  When I was growing up I didn’t think HE even liked me and there HE was writing HIS story into my broken life.

I bring this subject of children and death back up because I talked with a woman who said she was still crying over the loss of her grandchild who was stillborn, she said they were able to hold the child for a while and say their goodbyes.  I gave her the message of David that they cannot come to us but we can go to them and told her though we may not understand why right now there is a greater purpose at work.  That someday we will understand it all. Her reply to me was  we may never understand it all it is how nature works, it is nature at play.  I discerned right away she had no faith in the true G-d of creation. She ignored the idea that there is a greater plan in the works by saying it is all natures doing.

Do you want to be with your departed children?  Then you must be born again and give your life to Christ YES there is a greater purpose, there is a plan its to get you into heaven through the only possible way made.

When the rapture happens children will be the most visible of the missing population.  If yours should go missing and you want to be with them you will need to repent and call on the name of Jesus who does not want you to be separated from G-d it is called LOVE and HE is in LOVE with YOU. Your children will be waiting.

The antichrist will become HIS pet to chase the unbelievers to the cross. He will hold him up to part the waters and the serpent will be left behind to swallow up all the other serpents.

Please join us and get out while the getting is good. Imagine Nazi Germans and the Spanish Inquisition rolled into one this is the picture of the tribulation brought to you by the same people who brought it to us the first time.  They love to keep the word and truth from you.  My own Pastor is a supporter of Rome and their Nazi-like Christ the Christ who places stumbling blocks in the path of the lost these monsters make you work for what G-d want’s to give you freely.

Children don’t belong here this is for adults only.  The house of Abel is where you find the children who enter heaven before their parents. We have fun all the time arts and crafts are abundant.  The adults will be left behind with Muslim’s and be made repentant so that their souls can be saved. These are the beheaded saints that come out of the tribulation new converts who refused to take the mark.  A mark they forced into existence by hoarding the wealth of the world into the dragon’s lair.

I was baptized at two years old my birth mother neglected it and so I went around with only two initials E. L. until I was officially adopted.  When you are baptized as a Catholic baby you are given a middle name,  mine became Andrew, my stepmother boasted continually how if it had not been for her my soul would have gone to hell,  as a child if you know no better you buy into this delusion.

Look at this child would G-d send this child to hell?  That is me my first ever baby picture done at F.W. Woolworths in Lawrence Massachusettes and notice the shirt I am wearing and the hour we are arriving at. It will not be ufo’s or rockets that take millions into heaven look at the Nasa video’s angels are standing by.

I have always had this feeling I am not from around here.

At the age of 23, I became born again and realized only then I was heading to hell.  That I had been lied too all along.  I walked around believing my baptism was good enough.  Most Christians who experienced the new birth who were in Catholicism could tell you they knew they were headed to hell. Light is truth and it exposes the darkness and lies.

I wrote not long ago about the elders not entering into the promised land that it was the younger ones who were the recipients of it.  There is a two-fold message in that. The Bible clearly points out that children are innocent and G-d does not turn them away at all. There is, however, a point an unruly child will be cut off should they die without Christ.  The FIFTH commandment after the top FOUR says for children to honor their parents and their life will be long upon the earth.

G-d’s first four deals with honoring HIM then HE goes to children, children reveal his nature of love, laughter, and joy.

Exodus 20:12  Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

Want to see something cool 2+0+1+2 = 5 / 20 +12 = 32 (3 + 2 =5) It is the Fifth commandment.

Cain and Abel’s  Mother and Father brought the curse onto the earth through disobedience Christ took the curse of death away by obedience to HIS Father in heaven.

The lie of the devil was by eating the tree of knowledge of good and evil they (men and women) would become as gods.

This is the tree of knowledge upside down it is a mushroom cloud.

This tree holds the 94 fruit positions the atomic number for plutonium. Psalm 94:1-23

G-d said in Ezekiel 28:18 what would become of HIS enemy.

Hows that knowledge working out for us?  There is better knowledge to be had and that is the word of G-d and understanding the lesson at hand. Our hands either work for G-d or they serve the prince of darkness.

How did Eve become deceived?  Adam added to G-d’s word that’s how. He should have left it at “we may not eat of it.”   G-d never said they couldn’t touch it. They could have used it for baseballs, what if Adam had been obedient and not eaten of the tree and only Eve? Take note it was not some enzyme or juice in the fruit it was the disobedience and the shame that disobedience brought with it.

Genesis 3:17  And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life;

Man possibly could have continued in the garden and HIS love for G-d intact had he not eaten after his wife.  G-d may have overlooked Eve’s disobedience because of the friendship HE had with Adam.  However, Adam showed he loved Eve by eating of the tree.

[d12-plain] Doing something for someone you love because you love them may not be in G-d’s will. Like Jesus, I will not do the will of those who have revealed they are traitors to the kingdom, that would not do their soul any good. In fact, winning a traitor can help with winning others just like him.  2Corinthians 11:13-15 I am gunning for you now that I know how you operate.  Protecting the church of Rome is not G-d’s plan. That wealth is meant for real Christian works and to shout that the Son of G-d and HIS honor has value![/d12-plain]

Adam and Eve’s love for each other diminished immediately thinking they were doing it for love.  Eve threw down the gauntlet and took G-d’s man away from him.  G-d is going to redeem the earth in the last days by showing us what love really looks like.  The bride of Christ needs a wedding rehearsal ladies this is your opportunity to shine for Jesus.  The men will be sealing and prepping some of your children to remain behind.

The seal on the forehead and an RFID card from the one world leader will protect the 144,000 for a short while. This leader is pre-antichrist and one of ten kings in the earth.  Who is not chosen as yet so those who may have been jealous of the call good news you still may be selected from one of ten you may know who you are! If you became jealous you learned nothing of what this is all about.

Today there are too many children being abused by those who claim to be Christian. They are hiding pedophiles from view,  moving them from one diocese to another and neglecting justice and paying off victims,  lawyers were being made wealthy in the cover-up with church funds.

The blind leading the blind. Did Hillary write any gag laws to silence victims of the church while paying them off?

In the movie Spotlight, we find that 9/11 distracts us from this information.  The devil’s money was being taken from him to pay off the victims and he needed that money to put his puppet in office to bring peace into the middle east. Obama was the 700 billion dollar peace plan.

Jesus came and did not do as the god of this world wanted.  HE did as the Father requested of HIM.  Adam’s eyes were opened to darkness and when he saw he was naked and he went to hide his shame away from G-d and G-d would have preferred he did not hide at all and dealt with the issue.

Satan loves to hide and pretend he is not real, covering things up is his specialty just ask the Hebrew’s about their work in Egypt.  We know better don’t we brothers and sisters?

I am not joking when I say Lucifer wanted to play king of the hill and we find Adam and Eve beginning a game of hide and seek.  Praise be to G-d HE placed up a tree of life with HIS SON’s arms opened wide, seek HIM while HE can be found.  Here is a clue… He is not the one who is hiding.    Don Francisco sings a beautiful song about this very story.


Follow the leader can be a great game and with real Christian leaders at the end of the age, many will be brought into the kingdom.  Don’t tell that to any Pentecostal Catholic pastor they would hate that idea. Unless two agree they cannot walk together as one.

In the hand of fellowship extended to me, in an AG church, the pastor said we do not have to agree on everything to be friends in Christ. Well, then if he cannot agree with me that Christ’s honor is worth the world and that G-d gives to whom he wills the kingdoms of the earth we are going to have a problem.  He feels if he keeps the truth away from the masses long enough and rattles me long enough I will do his bidding or the call will come off of me and go to him or another.  Why not just say what he is really saying with his choices G-d’s SON has no value?

Preaching about being disappointed because someone was not doing what he expected, this man thinks Catholic’s are Christians and that pyramids will confuse people.  What would Jesus do? He would try to let this man see his need for HIM. being raised in a Christian family makes you no more Christian than a person who attends several concerts and comes out a maestro.

If your parents have not taught you how to say you are sorry for offending the anointed of the LORD they have not done you any good. If you think you are anointed of G-d and like the baker in prison with Joseph fail to use the new ingredients the master has given you-you may find your head on a chopping block.

Telling me that G-d does not need money for revival than why did HE tell me I can have it and give it to HIS church?  I think homeless shelters in Christ name and orphanages that treat children with only the love Christ can give would be a welcome change to this world. I want to bring back the Christian Film festivals in every city.  So don’t tell me you are disappointed in me. When it is you who are hiding the word from the world.   His former treasurer of many years said to me if the church had 700 billion dollars it would blow up the world and he meant it in a negative bomb like way.

They are all around us and they need to repent or face the MUSIC.  An AG deacon told me if it wasn’t for Catholics there would be no Protestants?!? Well the same holds true for the Muslims, they should be thanking the Catholic’s as well, after all, they took over the word of G-d and started up the priesthood in 300 AD a whole two hundred years before Muhammed was born.

They put many Bible reading saints to the gallows because they would not give into their doctrines, fables,  and delusions. Now they are faced with the consequences of having done so.

What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

Reinventing yourself without repentance is a futile work indeed,  it gives you away. that you were false, to begin with.  Invite the Biblical Jesus to change your heart admit you need HIM then follow HIM. Follow the Jesus who said call no man Father and ask HIM why HE said it.

Always in HIS mercy.

Brother Abel

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