The Mud Slinger VS The Gun Slinger

It’s the end of the age we need to start slinging mud to open some blind eyes.

I am a Joni and Friends listener and I caught the episode that had Benny Hinn’s nephew Costi Hinn was on where he denounced uncle Benny as a fraud.

I have been telling people for years as long as there are collections at these types of ministries they will never end until God puts a stop to them.

What a tuff call that must have been for a family member but if you see something you should say something especially when it comes to using the LORD’s name in vain in the case of our lost brother Benny the name of Jesus is a way to keep up his good life now.

This is said of those who perish: “They did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved” (2 Thessalonians 2:10).

How sad! They could have been saved if they had chosen to love the truth!

Someone who does not like the truth, cannot love the Source of truth.

God is the God of truth.

In this world, you will have tribulation and men will speak evil of you for standing on God’s word.

The full program can be heard here.  It is 4 minutes long and the transcript is also there.  I always recommend sister Joni.

After Jesus and her Husband have their dance with her,  I want to be next.

Jesus did not heal all who came or all HE went too can you imagine had HE done so they would have not crucified HIM.  Where would that leave us?  HE did enough just to anger the religious leaders who thought they knew God.

When I got my call a cried for months,   wouldn’t you? I’m talking to those who have a sensitive heart, not the gunslingers.   I am not opposed to defending the nation from tyrants and wicked people.  It is when the wicked take over my nation by a subtle process and the process destroys our Christian Heritage.  The guns came into our government to threaten our POTUS shortly after World War Two. The devil likes power and we showed it to him and his people came after it for him.

America was built to shine and expose the darkness that has taken our nation.   The war mongers are financed by the bankers who collect interest on their loans to our governments and profit on the taxes we pay them back with.

There is no national loyalty,  they finance all the governments their banks are in. While building their one world order.  Who is the biggest financer of that sham goes all the way back to the Napolean wars when the banker Rothchild began making the people of England believe that Napolean had won the war as he began selling off his stocks others joined in and the next day he bought up more than he sold making him the richest man in the world apart from the Pope not long afterward that the Rothchild banks became MR. Drysdale to Romes Jed Clampett.  That is how the nations are destroyed and the word kept hidden from the lost.

Those who are setting all this up are the ones who need a peace plan and the only plan God has is the one where Jesus gets lifted.

Proverbs 1:8-16
(8)  My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother:
(9)  For they shall be an ornament of grace unto thy head, and chains about thy neck.
(10)  My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.
(11)  If they say, Come with us, let us lay wait for blood, let us lurk privily for the innocent without cause:
(12)  Let us swallow them up alive as the grave; and whole, as those that go down into the pit:
(13)  We shall find all precious substance, we shall fill our houses with spoil:
(14)  Cast in thy lot among us; let us all have one purse:
(15)  My son, walk not thou in the way with them; refrain thy foot from their path:
(16)  For their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood.

There is a purpose for what appears as madness and what the enemy meant for evil God meant for good, but to deny Jesus HIS HONOR is of the devil.

Look who has their people infesting our Protestant government.  So who does God hold responsible for the devastation done to America?  America was a picture of what heaven would be like before they ruined it.  You do not want these people in their condition walking around heaven unsubmitted to the will of God as they have here.

When you lie cheat and steal to get what you want and hold our leader’s families hostage to control our governments all the Pentecostals in the world can dance with them and not change their hearts one bit. Once a devil always a devil a shark cannot be made into a vegetarian.  A leopard apart from Christ will most definitely eat the lamb and putting the animal in the corner will only have him come at you fighting.

When I gave my testimony at a men’s breakfast I had lost my SON spiritually weeks earlier.  since my call the enemy went after my family because of what Father gave me.  My adoptive family has suffered greatly made up of Mormon’s and Catholics., which has its shares of atheists and agnostics. From strokes to divorce,  to feuds.

I was teared up giving my testimony knowing the damage the devil has done to those I love and care about and would like saved.  The message was clear I asked God to give me what I needed to bring in his harvest when I first came to him.  HE said DONE!  Like Solomon, I did not ask for wealth or riches.

Years earlier before my testimony I had handed the minister a binder of several crop images that pointed to God’s word and told him about the Pyramid and lifting up Jesus how Jesus told me to take the money they had been saving up for his return and give it to the church to start celebrating, to open the eyes of the lost what clearly the scriptures reveal.

The bride of Christ has a dowry and guess who saved it for us?  God had a purpose for Rome after all.

After my testimony, another gave his and upon the ending of his, the minister began encouraging the men to seek this man out if in need of a gun,  he has an excellent selection of good guns.  Not let us pray for Bobby he is undergoing a spiritual battle or that God is speaking through him as Daniel or even I believe God has called him to reveal the word to the world.  Because I know God!

No, he went for the guns.  He mocked my King James version, he smirked at the souls being lost and damned,   he says he knows God and God must have told him I need to be humbled by him.

That growing up with Alcoholics and the enemy attacking me constantly was not enough he must add to the devil’s torment of me.

I walked away feeling I wish I had never been born. Like the Jewish people, I feel as if HE should have chosen another people and spared that group so much grief.

Isn’t the suffering to us only there to reveal how real the devil is to the people whom God loves?

That the devil desires not to be revealed and that I must pass a test designed by him?

When clearly I passed God’s test and called no one Father and seen the harlot take America to the tune of 700 billion dollars.  A “Christian”  organization put Obama in the WhiteHouse because their plan was to offer a Muslim leader to the Muslim people because Jesus is not the way to bring peace?!?

I should count it all joy my Pentecostal pastor shows me great mercy and allows me to sit in on his services so he can pretend I am not there.   Makes me wonder how many souls were lost because I did not bow to the will of someone who clearly showed contempt for me and my gifts from the beginning?

You can lie to the congregation and say you are not jealous but you cannot lie to the LORD and the Light-bearer and what light are you carrying that keeps the word of God and hope hidden?

It is no longer forgive them, father,  they know not what they do.  He knows exactly what he is doing and it wreaks of hell as so many others are doing.  I cannot believe this far into the end with the loss of American freedoms and still no signs of who the harlot is among Pentecostals that God would like others to come out of.

Don’t you wish you were elect so that you could know who she is?

She is protected well by thier “God ” his loyal followers who do not want to save souls.

Leaving me with the impression that not God but those who say they know God do not want to honor HIS word or HIS SON?

A house divided cannot stand.

Therein lies the problem.

Unless the LORD builds the house they labor in vain who try and build it.

Someone or something needs a temple built?

Is Pastor hoping to get a rise from me or punish me for something I did not do?

All I did was find the truth and all he has done has gone and hidden it while playing the devils advocate no rejoicing at the hour,  no offering the lost any hope.  Does he want to see  Benny Hinn power?  I would like him to confess he doesn’t know God.  He is just like the god he serves.  Who hopes his ride is already at the top of the hill.

I show up and he and his treasurer have a tear in their eye on the same day,  failing to understand what it is about and now they must rethink what they know and they were so sure they understood what was going on.

Don’t you wish everyone knew their Bible?

 The Nutcracker says bow down and worship me and I will give you the kingdoms of the earth.

The head Crusher says WHAT??

Matthew 4:10   “Away from me, Satan!” Jesus declared. “For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.’”…

Head Crusher could have said,  have you not read Daniel  4:10-17 or  Psalms 24:1?

Genesis 3:15
(15)  And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

Genesis 4:4
(4)  And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And the LORD had respect unto Abel and to his offering:

The Nutcracker says, ” This must be the guy who is going to CRUSH my head, hey Cain God likes your brother better than you and I think he may be sweet on the girl you like.

Let’s say we make him an offering to the LORD?

That is why the world only hears from me through these websites.  The Earth belongs to God and HE may give the kingdoms of it to the basest of men.  And someone knows I am here to Crush his head for Jesus.

I am definitely slinging mud in that direction.

So he has his 2 Corinthians 13:14-15 ministers placed in strategic positions to win the thousands and deny the tens of thousands.

That is why he has infiltrated and placed into the true body of Christ his ministers of righteousness.  To be sure it does not happen.   God gives me the kingdoms for discovering the truth he wanted all of us to find. The Son’s honor has value it is that simple.

However,  someone still would like me to bow down to him and profess idolators and the priesthood of Rome as Christian.

After I gave my testimony at the mens breakfast a few days later a family in the Church lost their son,  as well not spiritually like my own but physically a teenager who became filled with the HOLY SPIRIT just before his passing.

Like the lamenting of Adam and Eve over the loss of Abel I knew Father was speaking to me.

House of Abel 6 and 9 protecting the center it is man as 6 and judgment as 9 which protects the most holy G-d so we never pass this way again. It incorporates my arrival birthdate of me here in the earth the center acts as these three are one all together they produce 44. Genesis 4:4 Revelation 4:4. or Great the hard way.

In the house of Abel you will find young men such as this and those who died in wars and before their parents, Abel loves the children and when they become statistics of Romes demented clergy it is time to end the show.  Many who knew the history of Germany and allowed the same thing to happen here in America reveals that heaven would not be a safe place with them in it.

This was a sign to me from God to my identity and to his anger kindled against this minister who proclaims to be a patriot,   not only the death of this young man.  In fact, this young mans birthdate fell on the month and day my step mother passed who was a troubled woman raised up in a Catholic Orphanage from four years old and never found Christ. The ones who do find Christ are few and far between,

The ideas of holy men come from Tibetan Monks or religious leaders who actually rejected Christ in their day.  What makes one HOLY is the relationship one has with God.  There will be a lot of demonic deliverance when I begin to rise in the meantime the demons are trying to get a rise out of me. I almost fell for it but God is in control and if HE wants to show HIS crop circles and open HIS word to the world HE will change the heart of the man who holds the keys or use the mud I sling to open his eyes.

Feeling a little guilty done something you shouldn’t have? You can have a cookie and feel right as rain for a little while or you can give your life to Jesus Christ and get a handle on it.


My Nutcracker says It’s a terrible thing to fall into the hands of a living God!

Bow down and do what I want before I share the word of God with the world???

That’s not how this works.

Made in the backyard of Rome who gave us the fish and took away the word from us. Just to reveal G-d is not anywhere within them to be found.

Forgive him, father, he thinks he has the HOLY SPIRIT that you gave me these to punish me and hurt me and he is the vessel you chose to do it through.

If I try to stand to correct him his protectors come to his aid. getting past the Nutcracker and gatekeeper is tiresome.

If God did not want to open the word to the world and lift up his Son wouldn’t a man with a fourty year ministry and degree know it? I’m just a truck driver with a friend in Jesus or should I say because of him I had a friend in Jesus?

I don’t want to be a god so I am not fighting for the position.

He spent years denouncing the work of God in my life by playing ignorant.  The word communicate is not in a preachers vocabulary?

I guess he thinks the devil will free everyone and heal everyone if he keeps playing coy.

He let my family be tormented and my life attacked.

Because he knows God and he knows what God wants???

He even preached about there being timing and well only the devils cared about the timing.

Mocking the holy and robbing the lost is as Catholic as it gets.

Today is the day of Salvation there is no time like now.

If you know who she is “The harlot of Revelation 18:4”  come out of her even if you are not elect.

Brother Abel

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