The overwhelming disappointment.

The idea that Jesus is coming back and that he would send someone to tell the world the hour is a big disappointment for the people in darkness and for the people who claim to have light.

Was I the only one hoping Obama was the one so that I would know my Jesus is next? 700 billion dollars was taken out of America just before he was elected in 2008 and where did it go? In England in the Protestant Bank as Rome placed their political puppet in America.

With a two-party system and needing peace in the middle east the solution was for them who do not know Christ to place a false messiah in the path of the Muslims. One party had to be bought out. Showing they possess no faith in G-d at all.

Father say’s got you!

Actions speak louder than words.

Actions speak louder than words.

I had one Pentecostal man say that the Protestant church having 700 billion dollars for the harvest would blow up the world.  Not help the less fortunate among us or make witnessing to the world at the last hour easier and to bring greater glory to G-d and HIS only Begotten Son Jesus.

Getting the devil to give up money or gold is an impossible task especially if it is to save souls.

No for this confused, Pentecostal lost soul it will destroy his world.  That’s exactly how Satan would see it himself. That’s what happens when you support darkness over the light that’s what you can expect angry “Christians” being exposed as frauds.

Satan knows it will be used to call others to repentance. For this man who says Protestants should not have it, in his heart it is better the rocks fall in on them and show them no mercy, show the lost no love,  no hope. Rather than rejoice at the victory of our G-d over HIS enemies.

To say placing it in the hands of the Protestant Church would blow up the world.  It only reveals the condition of ones soul and the lack of vision this man has for the souls of others. Let them suffer was this Pentecostal man’s inner private opinion.

I can almost guarantee this man has no Holy Spirit in him at all and to top it off a former deacon in G-d’s church.

I say we give it all back to the Catholics we snookered into giving it to us let them keep their 1.2 billion deceived souls what’s another few billion in hell? The purpose of exposing them as the frauds was to save souls. However, the Jesuits in our churches want others condemned to hell along with themselves.

It’s time to clean house, or no revival is coming.  Find your Jesuits in-house supporters of the false Christ and tell them to stand down if they do not want to be left behind with Islam.


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