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The greatest minds of our time have sat in the houses of education each looking for the simplest of equations. An equation that dispels the creationists view of life. The energy and dollars consumed in trying to disprove G-d with equations and formulas is truly counterproductive and will never lead the world to peace.

The two men featured are who the world has deemed the greatest minds of our time…One did not deny G-d the other made it his life’s work. Can you tell, which is which?

Only one of these men made it his life's work to deny G-d.

Only one of these men made it his life’s work to deny G-d.

In the audio portion of this post, I introduce my favorite teacher. She claims in her message, they can burn all the Bibles and all the books dealing with G-d. It will not change the message of truth. That sin when it is fully grown brings forth death, and that we are all going to die and give an account of our lives.

G-d insists in HIS word and as any man would, that HE will not be mocked. No one likes being mocked and made a fool of. However, the devil lives to do this very thing mock G-d and us. It is in this mocking and covering over of sin that gives him away and exposes those who have been deceived by him. He laughs at the souls he takes to hell, and if you look closely you can see it.

I finished watching a movie that I just had to own, “The Theory of Everything” the story of the life of Stephen Hawking a noted Physicist and author of the best-selling book ” A Brief History of Time.” Which broke Guinness world records for being the longest running book on the NY time’s bestseller list. The reason is that many people hoped to discover the reason behind the origins of life. Many are hoping that he is right that there is no G-d to fear or any judgement coming. My being here proves the story otherwise. There is a G-d and there is a judgment.

Here is a man who chose for his life’s work to find the equations that proves the origins of life by looking for the mechanics. His heart was set to deny G-d; he just could not let G-d get in the way of his search for truth. He opted to rob G-d of HIS glory and rob man of what little faith they had in HIM. He found a truth but not the whole truth. The truth that matters, which gave us matter. Has anyone besides me notice that Stephen is losing that battle with G-d? When I found the truth in scripture what was being hidden in Egypt, G-d told me I was smarter than Einstein.

Einstein a Jew by birth was one of the world’s smartest men in our century. He was not in it to denying G-d. Science is G-d’s R&D to reveal HIS greatness when one seeks to use science to disprove G-d well that is a fool’s science. It again was the priesthood that placed science at odds with Christianity and the world on the wrong path.

Darkness blinds the eyes of the people from seeing the truth light comes to open our eyes. Men love darkness because it hides their evil works. The enemy did not have a TiVo in the day.

Darkness blinds the eyes of the people from seeing the truth light comes to open our eyes. Men love darkness because it hides their evil works. The enemy did not have a TiVo in the day.

Einstein had made this famous quotation”G-d doesn’t play dice with the universe.” Well, G-d sent us some dice to explain why…Spirit is real, and it is the spirit behind the making of these images in England. He is MY Father and MY Lord.

Playing Dice with the Universe.

Playing Dice with the Universe.

He placed the crop circles in England because HE does not communicate with a dead priesthood. Rome’s priesthood was started back up by his enemy to build his one-world order.


IF G-d did roll the dice with the universe, they would always come up the way he wanted them too. This one reveals Psalm 120:1-7, four six’s for Psalm 24:1-10, 8 fourteens for Psalm 112:1-10, four 18s for Psalm 72:1-20 and the last 2 x 16 for Psalm 32:1-11. There are a few more hidden gems as well. For instance, there are 9 blank die so look at the 9th verse in the passages that contain a nine I love it when father points things out to me.

As for Stephen and his followers the god who wanted to be the one who is laughing at everyone who bought the lie. Friends it will not be a singularity that will judge you. HE did not originate out of a black hole. Which could very well be the bottomless pit G-d refers to in scripture where his enemy is being sent to for a thousand years?

No matter how great the humanitarian is they still will not get into heaven, without a relationship with the Son of G-d. When HE says away from me, I never knew you. HE is telling us in HIS word HE can be known, loved and communicated with.

Stephen Hawking was surrounded by Christ and believers who cared for him yet he continued to find no time in his life to be bothered with faith. He is at present at the end of his life and about to enter eternity without Christ. If he feels life is bad now he is going into much worse situation, and no formula will be able to save him. All because he denied the simplest of formulas when he was alive. That is the following…

Two opposing forces at work one is positive the other is negative one seeks to destroy while the other to save and offer life to those who want it HIS way without rebellion or compromise. Utopia cannot exist with opposition to it. Those opposing forces will not enter the joy of the LORD.   A simple and beautiful equation.

Good is the American form of government while evil represents Roman Catholic government.

Two opposing forces one positive one negative.

These two forces combine to form a gem a treasure a place of safety. A diamond is made the same way.  It is one of the hardest known substances to man. Right now, the incorrect force is trying to run the world while the right forces are at the bottom. When the right forces move to the top, the wrong forces will fall in the middle a place of safety. Repentance will take place. Let us do what we can to save Stephen because obviously he cannot save himself no matter how smart he thinks he is.

Brother Abel.




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