The Purpose of a Covering Cherub

A covering is worn in order to protect us from the harsh environments that come at us.

The image below is of a Jellyfish with seven nodules connected by seven joints (the flattened sections) with seven tentacles it has a covering it’s dome that is safe to touch and get close to without getting near its deadly tentacles. Let’s call everything below the dome the HOLINESS of G-d 777.  To approach G-d one needs a covering in the case of the Christian we have Christ ‘s atoning blood to protect us from the tentacles who’s purpose is to destroy Sin. A society cannot function with a rebellious heart or people. Today we can look around the world and see the effects of SIN.

Because of this HOLINESS, HE cannot allow sin into heaven, and HIS HOLINESS will surely destroy those who come to him without any covering.  I named this the Jamaican man O war because of the cap our jelly has on.  G-d hates war,  HE hates violence, and HE hates Sin which is the cause for all of it.    Just above the tentacles, we see what appears to be eyes 12 raised sections closest to the heart of the HOLINESS. This represents the twelve tribes of Israel, and it is the closest to G-d’s heart that one can get to on the earth. G-d chose them to reveal the reality of HIS first fallen covering. We know him as Lucifer / Satan who carried the Spirit of G-d throughout the congregation.  Listening to all those liars who said they knew the SON and understood HIS will.

The THEY half holy shaping their leader, he once covered the Spirit of the most high God.

Who because of their deceit took this new coat of many colors (covering) and turned him against G-d.  They knew G-d could not be in HIM because he could not create planets or dinosaurs all Lucifer was purposed to do was to lure the fallen back to the worship of the SON by revealing the SON has great value to the Father.

He could not slay the angels in the spirit, or heal them but if he exercised the wisdom, G-d gave him he could have opened blind eyes and explained the truth to them.

Hence all the precious stones that were placed on him because in HIM dwelt the very Spirit of the living G-d.  Who simply listened to the congregation of angels who sought to do their own thing. They wanted to see the SON and Father gave them something to behold.

The eyes symbolize HIS close watch on Israel who represents the Angels who remained loyal to his law in heaven and stayed with HIM awaiting the arrival of the SON to sit at HIS right hand. For without the SON life could not exist,  a foundation stone was needed to build the kingdom of G-d and Jesus was that stone.  An example of how one should live among others.  The good angels had faith HE would come as Father said HE would and worshiped HIM from the very beginning.

The other twelve sections that make up his dome represent the twelve Jesus taught and instructed to tell the world about HIM the disciples of Christ.

Bartholomew or Nathanael
James, the Lesser or Younger
Jude or Thaddeus
Matthew or Levi
Simon, the Zealot

Combined there are 24. In heaven, 24 elders surround the throne of G-d and act as ambassadors to HIS Majesty Revelation 4:4. The first ambassador was firstborn among the angels from among men Genesis 4:4.  Abel to them became the guaranteed promise that the Son would indeed come and some began to figure it out.

For even the angels to look upon the face of G-d meant certain death, and one truly has to die to actually meet with HIM.  Hopefully,  you are a blood bought child who has given their life to HIS SON and met HIM, and if you have, then you entered into death through the defeat of death on the cross. Jesus was showing us there was nothing to fear; you become HIS covering when you invite HIM into your heart. G-d will not hurt by HIS HOLINESS HIS SON ever again, and when you accepted Jesus, you automatically became HIS son or daughter.

Let’s add the numbers 12 +12 + 21 if G-d sought another covering to go through the congregation with maintaining HIS code of ethics Proverbs 11:1. While some ministers think they know G-d and what HIS covering is supposed to do and here we are again back at square one the turning of the covering against G-d.

Because they think they know HIM and some do.  Some understand those will stand out with greater rewards like the first covering they will be gilded with gold to help others make it to the cross.

The true duty of a covering Cherub and the words he should say can be found in Psalm 45:1-17. His reward would be found in verse 17. Jesus is the ultimate covering for us all and if HE is in you don’t you think the world should know?   How will G-d show the world HE is in you?

What kind of covering are you for HIM? Do you honor HIS word law and teachings or are you one of those Pentecostal filled with the spirit evangelicals who embrace liars,  murderers, and cheats?  Men who place stumbling blocks in the path of the Muslim’s and Jews and condemn their followers to an eternity of not knowing Christ while calling them Christians too,  while sneering at those who stand on the word of G-d and seek to share it with others.

If you are going around telling others that there will be no one wiser than Solomon than it is evident and clear you do not know Christ, and like the angels who turned Lucifer against G-d you are. To say something as defamatory as the creator of the universe who made every molecule and organic machine who knows the name of every star but had no hand in placing the numbers in scripture,  reveals how small your G-d is. You should step down before you mislead more souls with your ignorance or repent learn who Jesus is and get the mind of Christ you missed in scripture.

If you can understand why it is important to come out of her my people, it is to bring her to her knees, but HIS people seem to be busier in protecting her while sneering at the MacArthurites who seek truth and stand on the word. When you bring her to her knees, you will prove to the world you have the true Spirit of G-d, and they will want in on it.  One needs to be BORN AGAIN and filled with the Spirit evident by honoring the word.  These are the ones the angels will take home with them.  Those who defend the doctrines of demons barely have a prayer.  They are the bakers staying in prison and being beheaded.

A covering makes sure that only the righteous enter into the kingdom of G-d.  When I pleaded to G-d for my mother’s soul, I begged HIM to find a little spot in heaven for her and that when I got there, I would keep her out of HIS hair.  It was then he began revealing the purpose of a covering, and I will not bow down to those who clearly reveal to me they will not honor G-d’s word.

You may kiss the Popes ring, but you will never sit on G-d’s lap.

One Jesuit or taught by said to me does G-d need protecting?  He must have missed the crucifixion.  The Angels after watching what man did to HIM will never deny HIM protection again.  Think about it!

Catholic’s are not Christians in the eyes of G-d but they can be and if you cannot get those who are at the line to cross over,  how are you going to win the world to Jesus?

Come out of her my people so the world can be saved.

Brother Abel



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