The worlds of Illusion, Delusion and Confusion

If you watch closely at the above header it is one that I placed up at  on the Kingdom Builders page these people are not interested in building a Kingdom for Jesus the Son of the Most  High G-d.

As you can see they expect him to come back and find the same evil empire we defeated nearly 70 years ago. You know the one that sister Corrie Ten-Boom was a victim of,  worse than that all of the descendants of Mary and Joseph were targeted the very people who gave us the word of G-d and who Jesus longed to gather as a Hen gathers its chicks in its wings.

With HIM HE was revealing how HE wanted to protect them. Even knowing how they would reject HIM.

What the devil meant for evil G-d meant for good and it is always been that way.

From the fall to the life of Joseph, the slavery of the Hebrews in Egypt,  to the captivity of Daniel,  to the crucifixion, to the destruction of the temple to the revival and destruction of Protestantism in Germany to its attack and destruction right here in America by giving us that sense of false peace while they pull the wool over our eyes.

The world cries there is no devil and no place of eternal torment. I do not believe Jesus was a liar and it is a topic HE spoke of often and warned us of after all HE would know.  It is why HE went to the cross, to begin with, to save us from our sins that separate us from HIS Fathers home.

The above header is appropriately called Smoke and Mirrors because the people behind it blow smoke in your face while they elect your leadership for you.

The highway to hell is paved with good intentions and equally a picture is worth a thousand words.

G-d loves us all and wants us to open our eyes it was HE who was hiding what was in Egypt by allowing his enemy to build pyramids of confusion all over the globe,  but like our country now is with the fake gods on top and we are at the bottom this was never G-d’s plan for the angels or man,  that was the devils plans.

America was we the people and G-d entrusted to us our ability to chose the best to rule us and after the last elections we get to chose those at the bottom level but by the time the Presidential elections come around it is their choice for you and servants to them.

It is not the way heaven is structured and the Catholic Church knows nothing of G-d or of heaven G-d has caught her in the greatest lie,   that they know G-d.

We war, you pay taxes, they profit who had 700 billion dollars to buy the White House and do you think they will give it back without the Church standing up and pointing out the truth?  Who will you serve in these final moments of time?

A shepherd from the beginning.

Brother Abel,

All Hail King Jesus.

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