There Are Absolute Truths – Absolutely

We cannot call ourselves Christians and reject the truth that is absolutely forbidden when we know G-d absolutely rejoices in the truth.

Those who would deny truth are in the other camp on the no-fly list until they learn it.  Those who reject the truth reject G-d and HIS heaven.

Daniel 8:12  And a host was given him against the daily sacrifice by reason of transgression, and it cast down the truth to the ground; and it practised, and prospered.

Obviously, this event does not refer to Christ the Redeemer HE is the way,  the truth and the life John 14:6.




Explanation as to why it is the truth.

1.) Your body is going to die. Graveyards are full of people who thought it wouldn’t happen to them and never thought about their eternal soul. They were here like you because angels in heaven rejected the worship of a SON they could not see. We have no excuse because to man HE revealed himself.  In heaven, HE was in the Father,  on earth the Father was in HIM.
2,) There is only one G-d. In the end, it is the one G-d who picks the instrument of HIS judgment against those who reject the truth and HIS SON.
3.) Hell is real. See 2
4.) G-d’s SON has value $$$$ The Angels did not think worshiping what they could not see had any value.  Man was designed to worship. We mostly worship the wrong thing and only what we can see.  Sports figures for one idols of false gods for another. The doubting angels followed what they could see,   G-d had made a covering for HIS SON to show them the SON’s value and wore it himself.  Who else was worthy of such a beautiful covering? The angels turned the covering against G-d, and we have – See 3.

 Some of the angels understood his purpose and came back to worship the SON fearing the judgment against rebellion they had been warned about.

Look your Son is dead to us. We reject your covering.

4.) The kooks will drop nukes now that the dragon breathes fire.

The Big Fish

These are red herrings leading us away from the truth that they do not know G-d.  They allowed superstition and dead traditions lead them to build the one world order and they did it not for Jesus and not for the love of humanity they did it because they like their positions at the top of the hill.

The devil likes power and we made him a home away from home. Where he would feel welcomed.
So we can set captives free.

Because they need a peace plan to place their leader in power and they don’t know how to have peace any other way than to eliminate everyone.

There are 888 raised sections. 8 is the number of perfection in a triune grouping like this it all three in agreement Christ is the only way to be protected from death. See 1.

Hell is real see 2.

For years we heard from the priesthood who was evil and how they were good. How is it they now possess what was once a Protestant Nation?

Time to cast our nets Pentecostal men on the other side of the boat and make them jump in because they are taking you to hear what they will hear  “Away from me I never knew you.”


5.)  5 comes before 6 See  Sesame Street and the Number 5
6.) Hell is coming to Earth. Because the Roman Priesthood made it so.

Before Jesus came, they were conquering in that sign.  King Herrod, Agrippa, and Pontius Pilate were all placed in political positions by the same spirit that is still there to this today. Who placed all their puppets all over the world and because they are not lead by the spirit of the true compassionate G-d and exalt righteous men we have this…

Every nation darkened one more to go it is America, the harlot has placed her puppets everyplace else. You have to be deaf dumb and blind not to see it. 

7.)  Those who want to live in heaven will bend their knee to G-d and call on HIS precious Jesus. G-d can work with clay and softened hearts but iron needs to be treated by heat.

G-d can work with clay (willing hearts).

Think of me as Benjamin and I need to get home safely Father is waiting for me. I have been to Egypt and its time to go home.

Jesus came not into the world to condemn the world but that through HIM,  that the world may be saved.
I did not come to attack the church but to prune and weed and grow it strong.

Brother Abel

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