This news is the only news we need to know!

Jesus is Lord the Plan of God.

A story that never changes and brings hope and comfort to all.
You can be sure what Jesus did for you was not fake.

While Politics has become like the World Wrestling Federation only the less gifted believe it.

Below I have placed four YouTube video’s one deals with actual UFO’s only seen as balls of light.  A light that has been seen by millions yet no explanation?  The second shows people with super powers like Benny Hinn,  are angels among us? The traffic cams caught a few so I say yes they’re here.  The last a man I would like to walk with and be his friend.  If he doesn’t know Jesus I would be surprised,  by the time we are done he will as will many others. His two videos deal with the truth and my Father rejoices in the truth.

I became a truck driver by the calling of Christ as HE assured me this was the direction I was to go in. At the time I was not thinking about the business of transportation as an end time confirmation.  I was single, and this gave me a chance to see America and lay claim to every state as I claimed it for Jesus in HIS name and for HIS glory.  Satan cannot have what clearly has been claimed for Jesus.

It afforded me a chance to visit my only Son on my downtime.  I looked forward to my downtime at home,  though my home was a hotel for a weekend.  I spent most of my time listening to Christian radio, Christian music, Singing to Jesus and talking to Father.  I asked questions meditated on the word and listened for the answer through solid teachings such as “Through the Bible” with Jay Vernon McGee or “Focus on the Family” with Dr. James Dobson,  “Let my People Think” with Ravi Zacharias.   Occasionally I would tune to the “Coast to Coast” radio program with Art Bell often upon hearing these people speak of their alien encounters my Spirit became heavy and grieved as I felt such pity for the deceptions being played on them.

Don’t they know why we are here? What began this world? Free will among the angels went south, and rebellion in heaven took place claiming that the Son of G-d was not real and what one could not see should not be worshiped.  So Father made a covering to transport the “light” HIS Son’s spirit around in and made it the most beautiful of any of the creation to say this is fit for the SON for HIS value is immeasurable, so HE made a covering of grand magnificence.

Mankind was never meant to leave the Earth nor was outside interference allowed in if there were aliens but to believe so would deny how precious the SON is.  To create other free will beings after man would be to say Jesus has a fondness for beatings.  He want’s us to invite HIM in us as HE was once in the covering called Lucifer in heaven.  The SON’s value is so great that to replace the original covering it has taken these many persons. Heaven is so big that seven billion would only fill less than a third of it.

Food for thought:  If the southern Pole is as Flat Earthers claim how is it the magnetic shield that protects us from the suns harmful rays is only creating auroras in both hemispheres? If the Southern pole is attracted to the Northern Pole the lines of flux would allow us all to see Auroras. The lines would come over the whole top sort of like a Jello mold or angel food cake with a center hole.

Red and yellow,  black and white we are precious in his sight. Genome corrects for the angle of the sun hitting the earth. Flat earthers start putting things to scale.  Ever fly on a plane and see the tiny ants and boxes people live in?  The plane is tiny as well.

Just because G-d made a plant with seven leaves doesn’t mean you are to smoke it.

This is called what keeps the hole in some of you from being filled. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

The rebellious angels were cast out of heaven and started their New World Order then came  G-d’s fiercest anger that stopped their society from completing,  the top of the Pyramid. As I know HE will this one.  So that the story can be told and those alive today will have to make a choice side with the wicked and be placed into the place of outer darkness with weeping and gnashing of teeth until the second resurrection or join us now,  time is short.

If you haven’t developed a relationship with Jesus before we depart you will be either a martyr in tribulation or bow to a false god who is not getting back into heaven no matter how nice you may think you are or how unfair you think our G-d is or how many souls he has already taken.  You have seen Satan’s handiwork and he cannot create. Meaning what you desire will not be met if you were to go with him. All those emotions,  hot passions, frustrations addictions, and hunger will never be satisfied.   Fit’s of anger what good are they when no one is around to even care?

The Pyramid you find on the back of your dollar bill was placed there by a Christian man who like I figured it out.  The Lion is representing G-d’s SON and it was built as an insult and a mockery against the Father who had the angels worship the SON.  After their bodies decayed they became spirits again this time demons who are trapped here. The worst of them held in chains until the final judgment.

If you feel powerless it’s because you may have a passenger you really don’t want,  because he is forever going to burn in hell fire. Call on Jesus and HE will be your power and stand on the word learn to fight the spirit using the words of Christ. Learn to pray and read your Bible.

I have three videos for you to watch the first is a UFO film if flying objects do not adhere to the laws of physics (sonic boom) that they are not physical but spiritual.

This one I liked because these are the lamps seen in England and the ones seen in Phoenix Arizona home of John McCain named after a bird once used as a symbol of resurrection in the early church.  As you all know Senator McCain gave up his seat as President so Obama could be their Muslim peace plan and now the good people of America will always have a Catholic controlled White House.

This next video answers the question are angels among us?  Some are actual others I am not as certain about. Objects that move or fall without touch may have the assistance of a demon.  When a man is moved away from a vehicle by another man you can see then you are looking at an Angel who is there at the speed of light.  Keep in mind that traffic cams were used and not someone deliberately taping.  Some of it gets into Matrix moments at the Oracle’s apartment but you must decide what is real and what is not. If you are a Christian you will know. The last one is the operation of demons but the participants are unaware of what is going on these kinds of people put up the hardest fight the demonic stronghold is just that.

This man excites me,  he gets it. He is not deceived by the devil’s works and I am glad to be a subscriber.  I would like people like this in my ministry.  Some of his video’s show others cursing he does not,  so be careful on some this one here does not curse (language).

Before you watch let me share the following. We are not our own we are bought with a price.  A family that prays together stays together. If I were to be ruled by a leader I would want that leader to truly be Jesus or at least know HIM intimately and honor HIS teachings.  That is why HIS throne is surrounded by 24 elders of the kingdom.

Bonus: A trip back to the campaign trail I didn’t pay attention to the campaign I knew what was going on long before Obama took office.  Yep, the faithful Catholic’s have a peace plan for Israel and the middle east and it doesn’t include Jesus. Hillary was one of theirs as well you can not lose the Whitehouse as long as both candidates are owned by the same Plantation owner. Don’t know what that means? Then you skipped a video.


Father say’s “Hello” and HE misses us all.

Brother Abel

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