Those were the daze…

Inquisition_HollandRemember the good old days when it was the Roman empire killing people telling them to convert or die? That more Christians were killed by them after their amazing Pauline conversion than all the ones before.

Revelation 6:10 those are my brothers and sisters whose blood cries out to be avenged.  Add that to all those patriot Christians who died protecting America only to have their efforts undermined by the vast wealth of Rome as it placed a false messiah like figure into the White house in the 2008 election. Is this what they died for and is 700 billion enough for all that bloodshed in all those wars since America was founded?

9/11 showed those in high-ranking positions what they are truly capable of doing to avast more wealth. Those who dare to oppose them place their family and lives on the line.

This alone is a an outrage to G-d and his Son Jesus in a country designed to bring him glory. Now they want to remove the term Son of G-d out of the Bible. They are also telling atheist that Jesus is not necessary just be good in your own heart.

The only thing that kept the Arabs from conversion in the early church was the overwhelming amount of idols that went along with Roman pontiff and his Jesus. A Jesus who insisted on them hiding his word away from the masses.  Instead of preaching, they were teaching how best to serve their god. They brought back the priesthood and reinstated the sacrifice but it was of course the same sacrifice.  How can this not offend a holy and just G-d? If only the demons had TiVo back then much of that same sacrifice could have been avoided.

Then the many antichrist that arose through out their spread of Christianity, Martin Luther,  Wesley, Huss and Wycliffe all who would open the Bible to be read by the common man these were truly Christianity’s vilest men. I now understand why I may be the wickedest of them all! I am the lawless one of the Protestants church I insist Bibles be taken into schools and read. Prayers made around US flag poles. Jesus name being broadcast 24/7 on radio and television during the final harvest.

Daniel 8:12 And an host was given him against the daily sacrifice by reason of transgression, and it cast down the truth to the ground; and it practised, and prospered.

Roman Catholic wealth created through their vast military campaigns while spreading their brand of Christianity was placed in the hands of the immoral Rothschild banking cartel. Who profited upon getting the information the fastest. Rothschild’s understood the greatest wealth was made in war and in lies.


“Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.” ~ Amschel Mayer Rothschild – 1838

Nathan Rothschild lied to the British because his spy network an earlier version of MI5 and CIA  told him before the British knew that Napoleon lost the war.  Rothschild went around saying Napoleon won the war and bought up the British economy based on a lie. Instead of  being reprimanded and forced to return the money the church made him their bank. They had a plan to bring world peace through war and intimidation two tactics birthed in hell.

They have amassed their great wealth and managed Vatican assets in order to build their one world order. That meant money meant for the gospel invested in the war machine that destroys our countries and families.

Is it any wonder why Roman Catholics have taken over Americas highest positions in government.  They created this beast that is attacking true Christians right along with their phony group of Christians. They did not teach the word or allow it to be read in order to control the lost and make money by using fear of places like purgatory.

It is time to put a stop to it,  it is time for the Protestants to wake up and end this madness by forcing Rome into repentance before the coming of Christ. This wont be hard once you understand what Jesus made America to do which is to expose the wicked by making this great nation even greater.

He is on his way,  Jesus told me to tell the church that he is.  To take what they have not squandered and place it into the harvest.  He has given me clear insight into what he wishes it to be spent on in order to make the greatest impact in the harvest.  Now I only need believers who want to see G-d’s mercy and justice before his judgment.

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