Train up a child in the way they should go…

When they are old they will not depart from it Proverbs 22:6.

The feature image reveals 21 sevens on the Sabbath,  we are in the 21’st century.

I was not raised a Christian, however, knowing what I know now I wish I had been.  The only advantage to not being one as a child  I would not know the pangs of sin or injustice.  I would not be able to relate to a sinner to tell them there is a better way a better road, an easier path. One that is not as hard as the one they are on. It requires that Christ come to live in you.

It is not like the invasion of the body snatchers; it is a relationship with your creator. With HIM in you, it makes sinning that much harder because you know the pain it brings to both of you.

I have found many men who claim to have been raised up in Christian homes that do not know Christ at least not the way HE wants them too.  My first pastor at the First Baptist Church was a preacher for many years then one day he got filled with the HOLY SPIRIT  and church was not the same afterward. The elders and leaders did not like this new born-again pastor they tolerated him but deep within their hearts, they wanted things to be the same old way before the HOLY SPIRIT came, no dancing, no voiced prophetic messages.

After some time they found a minister who was their Goldilocks with no emotion or zeal, just a well-taught word. I remember going to him with the crop circles and he telling me they were gobbilty gook. I asked if he was looking forward to the rapture and his response was” No, I like it here just fine my family and friends are here. ” To be friends with the world is to be an enemy of G-d and If you love this world the love of the father is not in you.

So sorry to hear his friends will not be joining us in the resurrection, what a friend I have in Jesus I pray Jesus would also become his friend,  then maybe he would want to be with HIM like I do.

Some people become pastors not as a call but as a vocation maybe the parents may have been preachers but I do not see G-d calling ones who do not have HIS HOLY SPIRIT into the ministry.  So men who have not been filled with the Spirit somehow they feel called?!? They are serving an idea or an ideal but who’s and what?  The HOLY SPIRIT is to lead us into all truth but I know a  Pentecostal minister who is trying to drag us into a system of religion that has lied killed and destroyed Bible-believing Christians for over a thousand years and they have not shown any signs of repentance or remorse for their actions.

In fact, after 2008 America is now is now under their leadership to the cost of 700 billion dollars.  If a preacher tells me Bill O’Rielly a Catholic man has the HOLY SPIRIT after watching his movie “Killing Jesus”,  I would have to say the pastor is a liar and he does not possess the SPIRIT of G-D himself to say such a thing shows he does not care for the soul of another.   The pastor’s ability to discern truth is clearly not there. He may say he cares for other souls but when given the ability or tools to set them free it was a resounding no!

His pride will not let him see it.

I opened the eyes of another minister of G-d who sat under this pastor and he left the church to go and honor G-d in another Assembly of G-d Church.  Some people understand what G-d is doing and some people just don’t care.  How can a man with 35 years and 35 people under him honestly say he is hearing from G-d on the matter of me, the crop circles or the will of G-d?

You cannot fool the elect and he hasn’t fooled me.

He prays for revival G-d sends him me and he wants something more tailor-made to his specifications and liking while he has offended G-d several times in my presence.   He is not looking to repent himself but for everyone else too,  then again maybe he is not at all looking for others to repent because of the devil in him?  Is this is how Satan plans to keep souls behind by using his ministers of righteousness that hold no truth?  They do not shine the light to expose darkness because they do not have it to shine.

Would you be happy knowing this man who kept hope hidden and the word of G-d closed who loses your loved ones and friends? What future can he possibly have now? When the Queen of England dies there will be no peace plan and no temple built. This man must be moved from our goal of spreading the word to the world. For him, I will not perform until I have the tools Father sent me with.

Robbing the world of hope and the word of G-d you will find the minions of hell.

Hitler built his structure using Rome and the Catholic church as his model, get the children when they are young and make them yours for life embed in them your beliefs even if many of them do not align with G-d’s word, but lie and say they do.

It would be hard for anyone to take over the world in 3.5 years if that is all the time Jesus set aside to finish his ministry before handing the world over to Satan for seven years as promised.

The Saints need to awaken we are under attack by men who sold out to the men wearing the purple and scarlet robes who look holy on the outside but inside they hate anyone who does not stand with them,  they manipulate us to fight in their wars and protect their lies.

Hindsight is 20/20

Latin is a DEAD language!

Is your minister a protector of evil? Then you will not want to stand with him on judgment day.

They understood it in the 1930’s.

Brother Abel










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