Treated Like Animals.

The devil denies the existence of God or giving victory to the SON of God. For him, he denies the SON ever came, and so we see it in the mass. The repeated sacrifice without a changed heart not claiming victory over death is a sign of insanity because the results are always the same Jewish people and real Christians become the hunted.

While those who tried to blend light and dark pay the price.

2 Corinthians 6:14
Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

Testimony Blown

If they hadn’t hidden the word and claimed only they should read it and interpret it, and had they not killed countless Christians in the inquisition, they would not be kissing the Koran; there would be no Koran had Muhammed found the SON of God. They had the word 600 years before Islam became a thing.

Those who protect them should they not be judged with them and that in the tribulation?

I asked my supervisor several years ago what he would do if given a million dollars, and his comment was to put up an animal shelter.

I get the whole animals give unconditional love thing, they do not judge, and all they need is a little food and water.

Jesus called HIS people sheep when HE told Peter to feed His Sheep (Jewish People), and the Bible tells us we are the sheep of HIS pasture, which is an insult because we are supposed to have a higher I.Q. then a sheep, so then,  why do so many treat animals better than each other?

In Germany, they herded people like cattle in trains to their deaths. Once they have the United Nations bring in outside protection for America after destroying our wealth and we can’t afford to support our own military, they will do the same here. Oh, look, the government sent us another check; woo hoo???

The devil is in the details. He makes us see all the wrong things as being sacred while playing us as fools and making the real sacred things a joke.

Take, for instance, the sacred heart of Jesus, it is not mentioned in the scriptures, but it is a given that could be true; I mean, it sounds so outwardly holy. The real sacred heart is the four gospels that reveal the FATHER’s heart. Yet Father is in second place on the Rosary, and Jesus is only mentioned as the fruit of her womb. Again it is the male that determines the sex of a child, and so we know Father God sees himself as masculine. Jesus came expressly to lift HIS FATHER, who in turn lifted HIM, now we are waiting to be lifted, but we are lifting the wrong things as being important. The only thing important to God is the world seeing the value of HIS SON and correcting what caused the original curse on the earth to begin with.

Jeremiah 4:28  For this shall the earth mourn, and the heavens above be black: because I have spoken it, I have purposed it, and will not repent, neither will I turn back from it.

The Bible has sacred numbers but is not made important by theologians, but we find them mocked in the Casino that we all are herded like cattle through. In a Casino, there are no clocks or windows, so there is no thought of time or the passage of it. There is the constant ringing of bells and sounds, giving everyone the impression someone is always winning. They pump pure oxygen into the room to keep you awake and send free drinks around to keep you in the game pumping money to hear the nice sounds that seduce others to do the same.

Catholics gravitate into Pentecostalism, never recanting the darkness but bringing their error into the body. It is the tares among the wheat giving the impression we are winning. When I hear among the saints, some saying they have no problem with Catholics, it’s a sign of betrayal. When they teach their counter-reformation doctrines to draw us to blend in, it is betrayal.

Like a magic show you do not see what the other hand is doing while you are standing with them for pro-life they are building gallows for your friends and family.

Get the word out get them saved and end abortion through salvation because the ones who are aborting babies are the ones Rome kept the word away from with their control over it.

Video-The False “Unity” Of Ecumenism
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777 are God’s sacred numbers and added together; they add to 21 in the greatest of the four gospels; we have 21 Chapters.  When Joseph is being told the dream of the Pharoah, and we get to the good years of plenty ended Genesis 41:53, we have a total of 21 sevens. At times, I wear a hat that has the 777 incorporated into it, and no one ever asks what it means or what is its purpose? Twenty-four scrolls surround it, and we know 24 elders surround the throne of God.

The seal should be handed out to 144,000 men who have not had relationships with women, most ignorant people lacking discernment will say that’s 12,000 from the twelve tribes and act like the tribes are actually here and theoretically, they are,  they mingled the races, and it began with Joseph marrying an Egyptian woman and siring two children by her Manassah and Ephriam and Esau married into Ishamael’s clan who were part Hebrew and part Egyptian as well.

So it is safe for me to say that their blood is mixed with us, and they will be your children chosen and left behind, and what have you saved up for them? How will they get it?

You may think I may be the burning man, but I see many burning men if you won’t honor the call.

Have you read John? Then you need to read John it has 21 chapters 2+1=Triune the 21’st chapter gives us the 153 fish as Jesus said to throw our nets on the Protestant side of the boat well not really, but the non-traitors among you will get it. The Bible is made up of 66 books, but four of them are special because they reveal G-d’s heart.  The time HE came to earth. Found in Matthew, Mark, which show equal sizes and were both eyewitnesses of the center the largest the gospel of John the one that shines the brightest especially chapter 3 and the tiniest the book of Luke the Dan Rather of the Middle East around 58-63 AD. In case you missed it, the 6th book of the new testament is Romans.


God’s justice is perfect. How can you lose by doing the right thing and is the right thing to blend in and show the world we have nothing better than what ROME is offering?

It’s not falling on our backs under mass hypnosis doing what is expected of us only to stand up in more defense of the apostate church hiding the word controlling the word and causing immorality by doing so than stating they are for pro-life when the lost have sex because they hadn’t read the word.

Satan has transformed his minister into ministers of righteousness who protect the apostate church and his wealth, forcing us to fight for what little is left over. Following the one with all the precious stones reveals outward affection for what one can see but rejecting the light he once had reveals the true heart.

So why must I bow to the image of the beast because, as sheep, many have, and their shepherds say nothing?

A good shepherd leads a flock to greener pastures,  richer food sources,  better water.

I'm this guy

Prepare the way

If I give up my precious, I will do it to those who can tell the difference between good and evil.

They treat us like animals, all the demons do. I am not Mr. B. Eagle. I want to set the animals free and take off the yokes of bondage the dragon’s church placed on them.

This is meet Mrs. B. Eagle she will not soar with the eagles because her church treats her like a dog though she has God on her mind HE is not in her heart.

The numbers Psalm 14, Psalm 10, Psalm 19,  Psalm 15:1-5.

Both of them want peace in the middle east, and both of them want a temple built.

There is a plan if you are waiting for a sign from God from me to do the Vatican two watusi like so many have, it’s not going to happen.  I know it is not from God.

Jumping up and down and shouting the loudest is not going to bring the word to the world one may act like they have the HOLY SPIRIT, but leaving the effigy of the SON in the dirt and hiding the word reveals it may not be the full HOLY SPIRIT at all in them there is still darkness holding on.


If you went to any of these schools below and recant, I will do all I can to get your money back; you only learned how to protect the dragon and convince others he is a Christian.

Is it their fault he is more clever than they are, or do they love God like the angels in heaven did half as much as they should?


Make it known to all men God is not a Nazi. It is the picture of ultimate earthly evil, and Jesus is coming back to it,  to destroy it forever.

There will be no Nuremberg trial with a jury of one’s peers when Jesus arrives.  The Kingdom of Heaven is absent of lawyers or law enforcers.  There is a council of elders, 24 in fact. The only law that matters to God is a simple ten, and HIS SON kept all of them. So we can invite his spirit in us to be overcomers of the law and pass from death to life, for those who break the law are condemned to death.

Those who are bowing down now to the image of the beast must cease, or they will place a chip in you when the angels leave you behind for siding with those who place idols in the face of the Jewish and Islamic people.

Come out of her?

If you do not know who she is by now, you obviously do not have the HOLY SPIRIT.

But wow can you dance.

Brother Abel

Everything here presented is PRO-LIFE.

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