Two New Sites Up and Ready for Worker Bees Life is Good!

The First Site needs no worker bees this site was inspired by killer bees who swarm and kill their victims to protect their phony Queen Bee. Ruthless and she forces all her workers to eat cookies.

You will have noticed we have had what is called COLONY COLLAPSE DISORDER (CCD) throughout the US. Good honey bees are disappearing can you read the signs?

They are being replaced by Killer bees who come up from the southern borders of America they are vicious and kill to protect their queen bee.

These kind of Bad Bees are not getting any Crowns.

This is their Site DONT BE A MEMBER if you know what’s good for you.
Look at it anyway to have a laugh.  though there is really nothing funny about it Jesus is coming back and look what we are handing HIM in America of all places…Please call in the Marines?

The next site is what it is all about preparing the bride of Christ share it with your friends and let them know they are invited and we welcome them to attend but they must accept membership.

In G-d’s Good Graces

Brother Abel

( I knew what G-d wanted at the beginning come on Cain it’s all OK now!)

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