We overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.

Can you imagine that in one moment things that were written into your life that you were unaware of as being there suddenly come into the light?  That G-d reveals to you,  you are the one destined to carry his instrument for judgement? What a great opportunity to share Jesus.  Wasn’t that the plan to begin with?

I love Jesus those who know me,  know that I do.  From mission work with the homeless in Boston to Christian film festivals, my service has been to reveal the truth to others.  The call came as a surprise to even I,  in the call came a testimony and a witness against those who say they love Him when, in reality, they may not. To know Him is to obey Him.  I was raised /adopted into a Catholic family. I compare it to Moses taken into the inner workings of the world system of making slaves of men.

I had been influenced also by Mormon theology in both instances G-d was not made known to me in either.  There is something about truth that is undeniable like seeing  America as the nation that sets the captives free, America is that standard that points to their true feelings for Jesus you can see who is really Lord of your life when faced with my findings.

America becomes the testimony against the liars for they see the truth and chose to hide it or ignore it completely. How can one deny that something greater has driven us here. It is the way of the world to deny the truth even when it is so bold before them.  G-d did not make this complicated to save mankind,  those who think they know him,  may not know him as well as they may think.

Loving G-d means to do as He wills, obedience is better than sacrifice we are to reveal to the world as Christians that we have a relationship with our creator, and He has one with us. That  the relationship is indeed genuine and not some religious act based upon the ideals of some religion. That it is personal and real,  that the encounter with G-d reveals only one G-d holy and true. That the kingdoms of the earth truly belong to G-d, and He may give them to whom He wills. Is His honor worth the world? Is Jesus’s honor worth the world?   If  Jesus gives one man 5/8 of Solomon’s wisdom is that not more than the whole world combined today?

When the body of Protestants faithful to Christ begin to assemble as one like transformers in a movie, the little decepticons will flee or merge with repentance,  this is a promise that only the vilest wicked will be left behind.

My testimony is actually His story written into my life.  I never knew my parents,  my step parents who took me in were both 32 years of age. My stepfather was a carpenter, and my stepmother was named Lucille.  I was two years old when she became my covering of protection as Lucifer was His.  Like the covering of G-d’s Son, she took on too much spirit too soon. She was too young to handle alcohol and began drinking at the age of sixteen. The very ones who were supposed to encourage her and help her be the person G-d wanted her to be actually made her into the troubled soul she became.

The congregation he was sent to to bring back to worship the Son turned him into what he is by turning him against G-d. They are shown as half and not whole angels they are half  hearted.

The congregation he was sent to to bring back to worship the Son turned him into what he is by turning him against G-d. They are shown as half and not whole angels they are half hearted. The world attempts to do the same thing to me trying to convince me Father is not real.

She had been raised in a Catholic institution for girls over twelve years…Like G-d’s covering cherub the youngest of the angels solely created to be the carrier of light (Lucifer) designed to carry”the word” throughout the congregation to those who lost faith and insisted on seeing G-d’s Son.  He was the agent G-d created meant to reveal the reality of the  Son and the Son’s necessity to the creation.

Just like the institution that raised my stepmother  the older ones turned (Lucille) her away from G-d with religious mandates to hard for anyone to carry, the younger followed the lead of the elders.  None wanted to know or read “the word” so the leadership did not teach “the word” they withheld it while behaving as if they knew “the word.”  In heaven, the elders and younger ones mocked Lucifer’s position, and the existence of the Most High G-d “the Son” until he sided with the wrong ones and led the rebellion rather than end it for which he was created to do.

I committed my life to Christ in 1982 at a Bible study and began attending a Baptist Church where I was married in 1983. We only had one son together in 1984. My wife became my Gomer / Israel in 1986,  every-time I tried to woo her back. She missed interpreted what I said it always left me with a heavy heart. Upon finding what the enemy tried to hide in Egypt G-d gave me the call. Saying He would restore what the enemy took from me and reconcile our marriage, and in turn I would reconcile Israel to Him ending it with “That is what friends do for each other.”

The Catholic church has divided the kingdom denying the place of the Son of G-d while half hearted agents / Protestant in name raised by the harlot are generated as to not tread on her. They pretend to know G-d while they join with them to offend G-d together by compromising “the word”.  Lucifer was followed in heaven because of his great size and appearance and precious commodities. Just like so many follow his body here because of their great size and precious wealth. These are the saints who end up left behind and have their heads removed in the tribulation finally 100% for G-d. It is they who have created this beast with their wealth.

Mr. Sparkles today (Satan the great horned one) their are 14 circles including his two eyes because he lives in darkness eyes are not necessary. So we subtract to get 12 add the three average sized angels by the tail for the passages Isaiah 14:12-15

Mr. Sparkles today (Satan the great horned one) their are 14 circles including his two eyes because he lives in darkness eyes are not necessary. So we subtract the eyes to get 12 add the three average sized angels by the tail for the passages Isaiah 14:12-15. Double that up Ezekiel 28:12-15 Note also the three average size angels by the fourth circle from the bottom.  Psalm 34:1-22 the water stains act as the flames of hell.

Religion turns people away from G-d,  man interferes with G-d by claiming knowledge of Him many say they love G-d but upon seeing the truth they say nothing to help those that are trapped within darkness, what little darkness may be within them,  sides with the greater darkness.

I began attending a spirit filled church in Boston one mature in the gifts of the Spirit.  The church my wife and I met were immature about them and the leadership kept G-d from working by making it a point to hide sin of one of their ministers.  What I find equally as vulgar is the leadership kept leading.  Like the enemy did in Egypt they hid what could have delivered many from bondage in this instance it would have been sexual bondage.

From that point on many Pastors who stood in this pulpit had marriages that failed greater than the norm,  like the church was placed under a curse by G-d. For what G-d has joined together let no man separate Matthew 19:6.

G-d began revealing deep truths to me in Boston it was where I found my love of G-d’s word. I had also seen how the enemy can destroy a great work and condemn millions to hell by destroying such work.   In 1988, I met a youth minister who came to the church with a vision to have his own housing church community.  I tried to discourage it, but he would not take heed. The devil makes us feel good about winning our small numbers while he blinds us to the millions we condemned because our vision becomes more important than G-d’s vision.  I had a vision for the homeless while the Pastor himself did not. The church split leaving untold damages in its wake, one individual who once ushered in the church in Boston now supports Marijuana and drinking in the name of Jesus so the souls won in the split in either house this casualty condemns. The ones condemned are greater than the ones won.

The split opened the door to allow the enemy a victory by ending the valuable soul winning work that was being done there,  those who will be left behind including the perpetrators who made it happen will be countless millions.

You see my initials in my name are Babel, and angels are territorial they do not like it when demons invade their territory.  Babel, as you know, was the first kingdom after Noah’s flood, and well the first is last; I intend on taking what the enemy took from G-d and I.

What is most bizarre is that the Church I was married at and this youth minister’s church bonded together in my back yard. He could have gone anywhere, but he chose my backyard and ignores the greater work at hand. I had not given a word to a church for some years but this church I was compelled to give a word; it sounded rude and crude but the truth within it, is undeniable.

He was trying to break down a wall like banging on G-d’s door. He failed to see that I was already on the inside because I asked him… “Father wants to know who is it?”  I replied to Father “It’s (name withheld)  Father,” then I said,  “Father wants to know what it is you want?”   I tried to explain father had changed hats he is now wearing his go to war hat. Obviously by what took place in Boston,  He did not want,  what G-d wanted.

Because the church he devastated was how G-d intended to win the world to Jesus. G-d had made a spectacle of the church because he wanted the world to see and understand what he intends for harvest.

The angels are to take a greater part in the revival and harvest.  As soon as the word was over the door had opened and an outpouring came fourth he then came over to me and told me he did not want the lamps G-d had given me,  he asked that we pray as if the light was the darkness and have G-d take them from me.

The darkness drawn out the angels target and protect their charges. Angels can drive.

The darkness drawn out as G-d’s littlest rises to power the angels target and protect their charges. Angels can drive.

The fireman have become arsonists claiming they protect life while their vast wealth builds weapons of mass destruction, pro- life while their money produces condoms and politicians who support the horrors of abortion.   Movies that sell sex make tons of money for their investors, when your financial investment bank  is morally corrupt from day one is it any wonder what you have today?

The image below reveals the ones with vestments surrounding the holy one and keeping him from doing his work, some are denying the findings in Egypt saying pyramids will confuse people, that G-d had no hand in where the numbers were placed in the Bible. That the crop circles are nothing. There will be no rapture and the old testament is simply history book without prophecy needing to be fulfilled.  There will be no one world leader. As ridiculous as that truly is but Stan has all confused.  Some do believe there is no one powerful man coming.   How then will we part the waters and set apart those who want to be part of heaven from those who do not want to come into heaven?

They are holding hands and wearing the robes of religion keeping G-d trapped that is why He chooses his judge to expose the fakes.

They are holding hands and wearing the robes of religion (vestments) keeping the Holy One from working that is why G-d chooses his judge to expose the fakes. Counting the raised sections  we have 12 outer points that will make a point.  The garments are split so count 24 the holy one in the center plus the trap  for a total of  38 Psalm 38:1-22 The twelve outer points point to Psalm 38:12

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