What if Jesus accomplished alone HIS SEVEN Years?

If you read the Bible and I hope you have, you will see a story that is found in Genesis 41:15 -53   if we are to end this thing here is a very good place to end it,   where it says the good years ended.

If you count every time the word SEVEN is mentioned (KJV) you will have a count of 21 which is cleverly hidden 777.

After the good years come the very bad years or what we refer to as the seven years of tribulation proceed.

G-d loves HIS creation that includes you, the enemy called G-d a liar that the Son was not real and that you shouldn’t believe in what you could not see.  So his lie began that first, he knew the SON after all he was the Son’s covering.   He was how G-d began to reveal HIS Son to the Angel’s before the creation of man.  They snickered,  they laughed,  they winked and nodded making him feel as an outcast unwanted and unnecessary.

Doubt we know is a sin in the kingdom of G-d unbelief is doubt.  Unbelief fears nothing nor does it care for anything.  His rebellion was that G-d had no Son because single eye has no depth perception.  In his  rebellion against G-d, he was cast out of heaven unto the planet Earth until he was proved the liar.

He began his new world order that did not include the worship of the Son and in his arrogance built the symbols of the battle claiming that the MOST HIGH GOD (the SON) could not grant him his desires.   Which was to make him just like God the most high so he was going to need many eyes like G-d his minions could not cover it all.

Check,   He now has many eyes.

Someone needs
technology to play G-d.

He needs to know what everyone is up to the confessional did not quite cover everyone he is after all very nosey.

Check,  he is now into everyone’s business.

He was going to need to influence everyone to see things his way.

Check, His influence in place.

We all know if we delight ourselves in the Lord he will give us the desires of our hearts,  look it up it is in the Bible its even old testament or for the Jews the only testament.

What was my hearts desire to serve G-d and have a family.  I hope I get mine and before the devil gets his.

G-d being who HE is and talking about how Great HIS SON is made the same promise to the angels if they would delight in the LORD the most high,  HE the most high would give them the desires of their hearts.

The enemy set out to prove the SON did not exist and that he could not because of his lack of existence,  give anyone the desires of their heart including his.  Being close to G-d at the time,   Father said yes HE can, that is when what would be created in the future,  hit the fan.

He asked to be like the most high G-d believing he would get the power to create and manipulate the elements.  Like turning stones into bread or calling out galaxies.

Did he know that Jesus would be born in a manger?  Absolutely not,  but a deal is a deal.  Jesus will get seven years and he will get the other seven, only the SON was at the time without name would be revealed in HIS time HIS way.

When the SON came HE lifted up HIS Father over and over again.   The devil was disappointed and ended Jesus’s seven years at the midpoint.   Jesus told his mother there was a timing it was not HIS time, though he began his ministry early I am beginning mine late.

It has to be quick and it has to be fast to get as many as we can to the cross in time for the rapture.  What I don’t need are devils advocates and naysayers and doubters interjecting what they think is going on.  Giving me the nod and the wink will leave you in the stink!

Famous Amos 3:3 so the one who extended his hand of fellowship to me and told me we do not have to agree on everything to be friends in Christ.   Well, this will certainly be no help in tearing down the walls of darkness.  in fact, he gets to stay behind to see the damage he has done.

Like the devil, he goes about claiming he knows the most high when his actions say he does not.

If Jesus lived another 3.5 years before his crucifixion his time would have been used up not a good thing for the final harvest.  (Oh, how HE loves us.)

If HE had continued on what would he be like?   Benny Hinn or Kenneth Copeland or even the Pope? If he came back where would he start the end of HIS seven years?  At the top with the Pope or back at the bottom to win the world to HIS Father?

His purpose is to save the world not condemn it. Rome is into condemning all that do not agree with them,   not Christlike at all.  Is Jesus in the cookie?  The wise one says no Jesus is not in the cookie,  HE is in my heart and did you know Jesus ended the priesthood HE was the final sacrifice Mr. Keebler?

In Babylon, they forgot about Noah and did not want after a time a passive, loving, kind and intelligent individual ruling over them.  They wanted a mighty hunter a strong man,  a muscle head.   Jesus would have not made it there but it was too early to introduce the SON. Which is God in the flesh among us that is why he could keep all laws and defeat death which is the curse of breaking the law.

I disappointed my Pastor because I am not Nimrod do you think a man like Jesus would be welcome in the Church today or in the world?   HIS first covering failed HIM a covering that was meant to protect from the bad elements like an umbrella or winter coat. Technically he is doing his job but there are always better ways to do one’s job. He seems to repeat the same process with different names but it always looks the same.  See G119R911.info my other eye-opening site it’s always good for a laugh.

Blessed are the feet of those who bring good news and yet the Church,  G-d’s new covering does not seek to defend him or honor him at all,  nor the one he chose to bring the good news.

If though will not cover and protect thy kingdom Lucifer son of the Morning I will raise up the dirt from under your feet to replace thee.  You beloved in Christ are the new covering protectors and defenders of Christ and HIS word (well some of you anyway).  You are being built up as living stones it’s in the Bible, I don’t make this stuff up.

Would Jesus walk among us as Benny Hinn?  Falling over backward is not proof of the Holy Spirit, Proof of the Holy Spirit is to honor G-d,  lift up Jesus desire the word that lifts up the  Father isn’t it about HIS Father as well as HIM?

I love men with zeal and there are men out there more qualified to preach the gospel than I, What they need to do is understand it better. Look how many souls who claim knowledge of G-d actually do not know HIM at all.  From Rome to Joseph Smith, to other books and doctrines that only seek to confuse and mislead.

The best defense is a strong offense the last casualty of the war should be the first casualty of the war that way there is no confusion.

Keep looking up our King is Coming!

Brother Abel

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