Where did the numbers go?

Many of you noticed that I had a post counter displayed which revealed how many people viewed a particular post, I did not want you to think you were alone,  some posts had high ranks while others did not. I do not despise small beginnings there is a purpose to our technology and the walking dead looking into their phones.  It is to let them know Jesus is coming and that the older generation is building them a Socialist Nazi-like world a combination of Inquisition and holocaust. The angels are leaving the older ones behind who sided with the enemy to build such a horrid world.

Good thing they’re for Pro-Life the killing of babies and the molesting of children would not be going on if the word of G-d was not hidden by the monsters who claim to know Christ or G-d same difference no difference.

The problem with counters and census’ is that we become lazy,  its human nature.   When we have an idea that someone else will do it we won’t,  we let someone else.

No one wanted this call but once JESUS gave it to me everyone wanted to become the Antichrist?!?  He did warn me that we learn nothing and all of this is happening because Angels were jealous of the SON, then the Coat or Covering Father honored HIM with, then jealous of the SON again at Calvary this time without HIS covering and here we are again.

How will we save the human race if we are waiting for someone else to do it or point in the right direction?

It is true that all we need is one bright lighthouse to shine on the truth to protect us from the dangers of crashing on the rocks.

All seven churches need to join together in Christ to shine the light of HIS appearing so that others may repent and come to enjoy what we enjoy in Christ,  blessed assurance.

The church of Jezebel is not a church at all she manipulates the Ahab’s (King’s of the Earth) I do not wish to become one of her kings or one of her ministers protecting her kings.

Bless you, all in Jesus name. Spread the truth set captives free!

Brother Abel.


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