Why Does Everyone Expect So Much from the Little Guy?

I am such a let down I know just like Adam or Eve, everyone else could have done better or could do better.  The very devil himself suffers the greatest disappointment in me and should I be sad?

Proverbs 22:6  Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

At the age of 18 a month before my 19th birthday a voice spoke to me twice saying I was going the wrong way on a road in Salem NH known as Melville St. that was in 1978.  My Mormon and Catholic family had me committed the next day when I expressed my belief that it was God and that they did not know HIM,   HE told me not to trust them, I should have listened then.  Against my will, I was placed in a hospital and filled with drugs.  I should have lied and said Mary spoke to me lies go over bigger than the truth because of who backs them.

I had no way then to prove it was God who spoke to me.  I did not commit my life to Christ until 1982 and began attending a Church right around the corner from when I first heard HIS voice it happened to be a Charismatic Baptist Church where I began to meet the most wonderful people and the love of my life that would make me the last Hosea His message worked and so will mine.

A lot has changed since the LORD came to me 10 years ago in 2009 excited and not disappointed that I was able to piece the puzzle together and found the truth guided by his hand and my desire to wrap my arms around President Obama and thank him for coming my Jesus is next. I was pretty sure he was the antichrist.  Seeing how the money disappeared from our economy and they needed a peace plan in the middle east. It was all being orchestrated by those who sought out America’s destruction in order to get their hands on our WMD’s to kill souls,  they did not like whom they created, to begin with.

Just like when the rebellious angels turned Lucifer into their leader they don’t like him either just like Rome does not like Islam and Rome cannot be trusted like their Father the devil.  The demons need someone to end Satan’s madness they know they have lost and will not get what was promised them by Satan. Rome made their enemy what they are and the demons made Lucifer what he is.  They need a break and that thousand years of having the boss going down the pit by himself sounds like a nice little vacation doesn’t it?


Should others join him is the big question among the angels.


This is a war that was fought in heaven and man became the victims of it.  So from time to time, we get pieces of intel from the other side that clues us into what happened and what needs to happen.

Taking down the towers in America and blaming others was not a problem they crucified Christ and blamed the Jewish people,  killing for them is first nature being a Christian and seeing truth is not in their nature at all.

Truth is Christ had to die and HE needed a high priest to inspect the offering, not long after the priesthood was scattered and no longer making sacrifices in the temple the one who God accepted was the last sacrifice ever needed.

Who brought back the priesthood denying the finished work of Christ claiming by their actions the SON of God never came in the flesh. They could not get Jesus to do what they wanted, now that HE has gone back into heaven they can pull him down and make him perform whenever they want. The priesthood was given powers to pull him into a wafer and tell people that it is Christ and that is how they receive him.  None of what they do is based in truth or honored by God.

But why summon me and then not want me?

I thought Obama was the Antichrist then God opened my eyes to the real antichrists who are disappointed in me.  Oh my, he wants to lift up Jesus first and open the word up to the world quick make him do our will like we tried to get Jesus to do when HE came.

Forever learning and never understanding.

They put the littlest one out front and who is that following him?

In the 18th position, there appears to be a target that 1-17 are aiming at in the 19th position a target is acquired with two spirits inside with some of the serpent as well.   See how he leaves them in pursuit of the one with the plan to get his temple built. and the angels empower their targets they separate all things that offend and do iniquity they leave behind the rebellious and those who don’t get it.

18+19 = 37 Psalm 37:1-40 emphasis on Psalm 37:4  on Psalm 37:8 (I struggle with this one as I do not understand why no one sees the value in it all.) and Psalm 37:17.

Psalm 25:1-22 emphasis on Psalm 25:8 Psalm 33:1-22 emphasis on Psalm 33:8

We chose this generation because of the mastery of the game and you were born when the twin towers fell or were only a child.  The older generation allowed the dragon access to America acting like they did not know who the harlot was or who the devil was using in the name of Jesus to destroy us.

You gamers know the scepter of David has more power than those who hold the keys and you can see how this war game can be won and it is not doing the will of a Pentecostal traitor to the kingdom who thinks he knows God and what God wants. Who hides the word and torments the little guy to perform his will over God’s. I would have had won the same amount of souls into the kingdom if I hadn’t given him the crop circles at all. Not hard to see who is playing for the other team I was told he will never admit the SON of God’s honor is worth the world.

Like Satan, he too thinks Pyramids will confuse people.

They allowed the Son of God to be mocked a Nation under God to be placed under Rome who they have made their leader.  They made their choice because they could not defend America from the evil that was so obvious,  heaven would be in jeopardy by allowing traitors in who no doubt would allow the war back in.  We want the war to finish out on the earth with the evil destroying each other and Jesus will come in to clean it all up and finish it.

No wonder so many saints are martyred in the tribulation after being left behind. They are traitors now what evidence do I have they will not betray the kingdom again? I do not see them lifting Jesus as HE has revealed the truth found in Egypt that it is HIM lying out there.  They do not wish to see one man rewarded for finding it. They would rather leave the darkness within them then follow the little guy with the plan.

Brother Abel.

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